The factors that can help you to create a stunning website

People spend a lot of time reading the news, navigating websites and using web apps. In some cases, our experience is not that good as we have expected. The UX designers are hired to make the users experience better. A designer’s responsibility is to design with the great user experience. It isn’t that easy, but once you understand it, it is not that tough. Creating a website needs focus, and the professionals who are doing it are very focused towards their work.

The experts get too many websites to design, and they know what the client exactly wants and create a website according to the need, taste, and preferences of the client. Client satisfaction is something that every web designer wants to see.

Below mentioned are some practices for web designers:

  1. User-oriented

USer friendly design

Image source: SpYsR

The design should be user-oriented, it’s important to make the users experience memorable. Users may forget the data and the information provided on the website, but they will remember the experience that they had. To have a good experience user doesn’t want only content, text, layout, graphics, etc. play an important role in the same.

Making your page different from all the other websites on the internet is really very important as the users will remember the differentiation that you had on your website. Everyone remembers the website that is different and has amazing layouts and all.

  1. Websites are scanned

Websites are scanned

It is very important that is website is scannable because the users do not read the websites they scan it. Visuals have been the way that the users like the most and most of the websites are being designed with the same motive.

Your audience will be appealable if your page is scannable if the users will see the right keywords they searched for they will find it interesting and will read more content and once they are interested they will read out the whole content in order to find out more about the product or the brand.

  1. Clarity and simplicity

Clarity and simplicity

Users are quick to judge the website so need to provide the best on your website, and the information that you provide should be correct. The action buttons should be easy to find; you need to consider that what makes your website easy to use.  You need to provide the simple design so that the users find it easy to use. Users mostly like the things which are easy to use and simple. The information that you provide must be simple and true.

If you have the correct information and the right choice of the colours to your website, it will look more attractive, and the users will find it interesting. Easy stuff attracts the customers or the users and once they like the things that you have provided on your website they will remember it.

  1. Creativity


The designs which are same do not attract the users; users like to see different designs and creativity with the standardized patterns. Make your website look traditional and familiar that the users would like to see. The same designs do not look creative, and people like the creativity or that extra factor or an element. Creative designs attract the users and the people. Creativity is an art, and not everybody has that.

If in a case you do not have much matter and information on your website, but you have good graphics and images that are relatable to the brand, people will like it as well. For all the UX developers, creativity is the key to success. The things need to focus on usability rather than design.

  1. Know your audience

Know your audience

You need to know the audience that visits your profile and figure out that what sort of content they are exactly looking for. Before you create a website you need to target your audience; once you get to know the audience that you need to target after that, you can search for their wants. If you are successful in bringing the styles and designs that the client or the user wants, you can easily attract the audience.

It is very important to target the right audience that is actually looking for something that your website is offering. When you are successful in making the right audience, you need to make sure that you get their feedback.

  1. Visual things

Visual things

When you put the most important information in the interface, you need to highlight it then only the users will focus on that. Highlighting the important things is important as the users will be attracted to the highlighted part and that will show them the real brand and the things it offers. Several websites are not able to highlight the most important thing, and that makes their website look unattractive.  Mobile web design is also a way of designing that is used more often by users. It is very important to first focus on the visuals than anything else.

Visual images are also helpful if you have put some images on your website related to the brand and the product people are able to see the things, and it gives them the clarity about the product. Clarity is important for both, seller and consumer as it will be beneficial and time-saving.


If you want your users to be the permanent ones, you have to do something about their personal experience. If you do not make the experience of the users better than you can lose your followers and would not be able to make the consumer base.  Users are the gods of the web market, if you do not provide the best information on your website, you will not be able to convince them, and that would not be good for the website.

The website should be popular in order to make the consumer base. Hope the post was informative and useful. If you are looking for more information, you can check out other posts related to the same topic.