What is IoT, and the way it differs from IoE. The connection between IoE and M2M for an innovative future

The term internet does not need any kind of introduction, don’t ask why. But the term Internet of Things (IoT), might be new to some. But there are even many, who know about it and is using it more or less in their life. But there are many, who have heard the term, but don’t know, what exactly Internet of Things is. While talking about IoT, you should also know about the Internet of Everything (IoE), which can eventually make our lives, a lot easier, and is an innovative concept. We will discuss why, later on in this article.


The internet for everyday use

We all use the internet to visit our favorite websites, watch our favorite shows, and to simply find some information from a certain website. In the everyday internet we use, we connect our digital devices like our smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, as they are capable of doing so. But it is very stupid to think, your room lights, your air conditioner can connect themselves to the internet. But with the aid of IoT, that is possible, though you need appropriate devices for that.


What is IoT?

Let’s first know about IoT, which is not very new. Before moving on to IoT, let us talk about a small scenario. Have you ever wanted to control the temperature of your air conditioner, with your mobile phone! Yes, that is possible, if you connect the air conditioner to your home router, and connect the mobile phone, to the same router. With the help of an app, you can easily control the air conditioner with your smartphone.

Now, if you are able to do the same thing, while you are outside your house, with the aid of an internet connection, it is IoT. If both your smartphone and the air conditioner is connected to the internet, you cave easily control your air conditioner from anywhere, across the world. The same can be applied to all your home appliances, to transform your home into a smart home. Thus, IoT is all about controlling some smart devices from a different device, when all the devices are connected to the internet. The things can also be made automated for your requirements, and we will see, how the communication take place between machines connected to the internet, with minimum or no human intervention.



What is the Internet of Everything (IoE)?

The concept o the Internet of Everything emerges as a wider concept that comprises all elements of modern connectivity technology including IOT,  the Internet of Humans, Internet of Digital, Industrial Internet of Things, communication technologies and the Internet itself. These all can be considered as a subset of IoE to establishes an end-to-end ecosystem of connectivity.

IOE vs. IoT vs. M2M and know what is the Difference

Internet of Everything IoE comprises of four key elements:  

People: The Peoples or we can say you and me those are present at the end nodes of all machines or devices generated data and share the information across the internet on the basis of our behavior and activities. For example, sensors on a various device such as on health and fitness,  social networks, etc.

Things: It refers to different physical object uses in our daily life such as digital devices, controllers, physical sensors and other things generating data or receiving information from other sources. And when these things communicate over the internet they will refer as the Internet of Things (IoT). For example smart thermostats.

Data: The one of the key element of IoE is the raw data those are processed and analyzed to extract the useful information that enables in taking intelligent decisions and control mechanisms. For example, calculating of temperature logs to get an average number of high-temperature in order to maintain the room cooling requirements.

Processes: To add value in people life create a strong bond of connectivity between a variety of generated data and things. Examples include the use of smart fitness devices and social networks to advertise relevant healthcare offerings to prospective customers.

Now, what’s IoE and M2M?

In case of IoE, the communication take place between machines, and automation is the well-nigh the sole reason behind it. The machines, which are a part of IoE, will communicate with each other to perform a particular task in a better and a synchronized way.  Machine to machine communication or M2M is an integral part of IoE, and the other part is machine learning, which can, in future, change the way, we use machines.


IoE and M2M communication example

There are many, who are fond of taking a hot shower after coming back from office. After that, they might love to turn on your air conditioner and lie down on the couch to watch their favorite shows. The normal procedure involves, returning home, turning on the geyser, waiting for some time, till the water turns hot, and then take the bath. It is a bad idea to turn in the air conditioner, just after you the bath. Thus, one will have to wait for some time and turn on the air conditioner manually. But, with IoE and M2M, things can be managed seamlessly, provided, all the devices are a part of the IoE.

With IoE, you can configure your geyser to be turned on, while you are coming back from your office, and you cross a particular landmark on the way. Your smartphone can track the location using GPS, and once you are close to your house, your smartphone can send a signal to turn on the geyser, so that you don’t have to wait to take your bath, after returning home. Now your geyser can automatically send a signal to your air conditioner to turn on, maybe after 10 minutes after you complete your bath. Thus, you can understand, how efficiently can change your life, by automating almost everything.

As the internet is capable of handling several such devices, you can make a complete network of devices, which can talk with each other, so that there is a proper synchronization between the devices, and you get the most out of your gadgets.


Machine learning from M2M and IoE

The next part is machine learning. You must have used Google Assistant on your Android device or Siri on your Apple devices. In all the cases, the AI bots communicate with you just like a human being, as if you are talking to a friend, and it is the result of artificial intelligence or AI and machine learning. Machine learning is all about using a lot of data, yes, a lot of data available, and analyze them properly, for a suitable outcome. How machine learning techniques are used, is beyond the scope of this article, and thus, we will discuss a futuristic model, where machine learning can be used to the advantage of the citizens.

A road safety model with IoE and M2M

Consider a multilevel road, which has a lot of traffic, and the road is loaded with, for safety, a number of signals and CCTV cameras installed at regular intervals. Now, if suddenly, an accident takes place, the complete road will come to a standstill. But with the help of IoE and M2M communication, the cameras can automatically send signals to the central server, which will be informed to all the vehicles in the road, with proper signaling or display boards. It can also be programmed to automatically open the other levels of the road, so that, the vehicles do not suffer from any kind of problems.


Machine learning for everyday use

If you have used Google Maps, you have experienced a small example of machine learning. At the time of navigation, you must have seen, Google Maps will automatically keep away the routes, which have a high traffic. Google know the traffic of a certain place by analyzing the cameras, and in case, there isn’t a camera, an estimation of the traffic on a road can be obtained from the number of smartphones, connected to the internet, on the road. Through proper M2M, Google can also talk with the mobile base stations, which can help Google, estimate the number of mobiles connected to that base station.

If we consider 2 or 3 mobile connections to be present on a single car, it can be helpful to estimate the number of cars present, which can henceforth be helpful to recognize the traffic density, on a road. The traffic density changes from time to time within a day, and in such cases, that route will be shown to you, only when the traffic is lower than a certain threshold. This is an example of machine learning. As self-driving cars are the future, the routes with less traffic will be followed by the cars, for minimum congestion. In simple terms, the more the number of machines, which can talk with each other, machine learning can be improved, which can, in turn, be helpful for us.


Huge possibility

Just imagine that day, when all the devices will be connected to the internet and all references to all. Yes, from your refrigerator or fan to your scooters and cars to the production plants in big industries. It will generate a gigantic amount of data, which can be used to for machine learning. With a lot of data about machines, the manufacturers can also offer exactly those features in the devices, which are useful for a majority of consumers.

The day might come when your air conditioner will automatically send a signal to the production plant when the condition of the compressor is just about to die. You will automatically get an air conditioner compressor delivered, and that will hardly require any kind of human intervention, other than the official formalities about the delivery.


The future machine involving IoT, IoE, and M2M communication

IoT and IoE, along with M2M communication will open a lot of possibilities, and some of them are just out of imagination. There are companies, who claim to have designed great IoT and IoE solutions, but we haven’t yet reached 1% potential of IoT or IoE.

It has a long way to go. It is also important on the other hand to design Big Data and Data mining platforms, which can handle such a huge amount of data in a cognitive way, such that it turns out to benefit us. Hope the little information helped you a lot in understanding a concept, which can be our future.