Know amazing facts about Amazon and some predictions for its future- Infographics

Amazon has rapidly grown since its inception in mid-1994 as one of the world’s largest companies and, by far, the largest online e-commerce marketplace. Not bad for a company which began as an online bookseller.

No matter what you are looking for, you can be sure to find it on Amazon. Given that the company holds 50% of the USA’s e-commerce market and that there are over 3 billion products on the website, it is no wonder.

Also, seeing as how Amazon has lots of offers and deals on all the time, it is easy to see why the site got so popular.

The US market is not the only place where Amazon has a huge presence. The e-commerce giant has a number of local sites dotted around the world and is hoping to reach every single corner of the world.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos and is one of the internet’s greatest success stories. Over time, Bezos has turned Amazon into a household name which everybody has heard of – even your grandma!

It is now a mainstream success and has seen rapid growth over the last decade in particular. Amazon’s innovative developments and unique approach to business have helped it grow massively – one-day delivery, smart home technologies such as Amazon Alexa and delivery without you even being at home are all things we have Amazon to thank for.

Amazon is also huge on robotics and artificial intelligence, incorporating these things into their daily operations at an alarming rate. At present, over 45,000 robots are utilized by Amazon across its warehouses and are currently toying with a drone delivery service which will see items shipped and delivered within 15 minutes of ordering.

Being originally a bookseller, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. find out the most interesting and amazing facts about Amazon and some predictions for its future, check out our infographic below!

amazon-infographic know about its history and current position
Most interesting and amazing facts about Amazon and some predictions for its future, check this Amazon infographic