8 Top Pet Gadgets for dogs, cats, rabbits, and others to keep them healthy & active

How fun it is to get licked by your dog, hear your cat meow, or see your bunny hop towards you, after a heavy day at your office! I know how refreshing it is! If the relationship between you and your furry friend is really that good, why don’t make the relationship even better! Now, that being said, if you having a furry friend in your home, and you are a gadget freak at the same time, here are the top tech gadgets, which you should definitely have, both for you, and also for your furry friend at the same time. Whether you are having a dog or a cat, or any other animals like bunnies, the pet gadgets here will surely be ready to lend a hand to you. Without further ado, let’s find out the top high tech pet gadgets & toys, which you should order right now.



Top pet gadgets for dog, cats, rabbit and other animals


Petzi (For dogs, cats)

Petzi cam For dogs, cats

Do you miss your furry friend, when you go out to work? If so, Petzi is the best solution for you. Apart from isolating your loneliness without your pet, at your work, it will also remove the loneliness from your furry friend, as well. With Petzi for dogs and cats, you can keep an eye on your furry friends, who are within your home. Petzi is a small IoT enabled webcam which stream the content on your smartphone or anything else through the Internet. With Petzi, you can also talk with your pets, and they will be able to listen to you, which you make them feel you are not away from them. To keep your pet active all the time, they will even get treats, whenever they interact with you.


FroliCat Bolt (For cats & dogs)

FroliCat Bolt For dogs, cats, rabbits, and others

If you have a feline companion or a cat in simple words, you must know, how refreshing it is to throw a laser beam and see your little cat trying to catch it. If you are a cat person, the FroliCat Bolt is the ultimate product, which you should get right now. Though it is fun to find them running behind the laser beam, but it is equally tedious at the same time to point the laser at different directions to make the game more fun. But, the FroliCat Bolt will do your task by pointing the laser automatically, giving your cat an enjoyable time, and giving you a visual extravagance at the same time. FroliCat Bolt though is a product, which is meant primarily for cats, but I have personally seen a number of dogs trying to catch the laser beams, and thus, you can try it with your canine friend as well, having similar instincts.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker (For dogs, cats, rabbits, and others)

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker For dogs, cats, rabbits, and others

Does your pet have the habit of exploring a secret life outside without your permission! Being a cat owner, you will be able to relate to the situation. But those days are gone with the latest Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, which is yet another innovative IoT device, which can show you the location of your pet on a mobile. The GPS tracker can also be programmed to inform you when your cat or dog leaves a designated area and moves into a different territory. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is also smart enough to give you notifications when the health of your pet is not that good. Just attach the Tracker with the collar of your dog or cat, and you can get started with the product. The product is very small, making it easy to wear for small, as well as relatively big animals.


Automatic Feed and Go Pet Feeder (For dogs and cats)

Automatic Feed and Go Pet Feeder

It is always a great piece of refreshment when you can see your pets having their meal; when you are out for work. If you are longing to see the same, the Automatic Feed and Go Pet Feeder is a product, which you should purchase right now. This is yet another IoT enabled device, which can show you the photos and video of your pets; when you are out. You just have to load the gadget with an adequate amount of food, medicines, or other items, set the schedule, and you’re good to go. If your furry friend does not come close to the gadget, you can even set your personal voice message, which will automatically call your friend for the meal. The gadget also comes with an app, which can help you monitor the diet of your pet over a certain period of time. The product is similar to Petzi, but scheduling the meals at different times of the day, is a virtuous addition to this gadget.


Pet Cube (For dogs, cats)

Top Pet Gadgets Pet Cube For dogs, cats

Pet Cube is yet another gadget, which is quite similar to that of Petzi, but with a lot of features built into it. This IoT enabled gadget for your pet comes with a high-end camera, which will record all the lovable moments of your pet when you are away. Though it doesn’t come with an option to offer treats to your pet, the interactive laser toy can keep your feline or canine friend always active, whenever you are out. The gadget features a two-way audio communication system, which can help you listen to your pets, and vice versa. Isn’t that a great refreshment at your work! You can even collect the memories of your pets and show them to your animal loving friends.


WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain (For dogs, cat, rabbits, and others)

WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain For dogs, cat, rabbits and others

Water is important not only for human beings but it is equally important for your furry friends. But consuming water from a fixed source will likely upset the health of your pets, as water from a fixed source can be the breeding ground for a number of microorganisms. But with the WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain, you can provide a dynamic source of water for your pets, which can keep away microorganisms, present in water. The small fountain will start giving water; when your furry friend comes in close proximity of the Fountain. Though it is meant for dogs, but maintaining the height property can also make it the most suitable water drinking fountain for other small animals like rabbits and cats.


iFetch Pet Toy (For dogs, cats)

Top Pet Gadgets iFetch Pet Toy For dogs, cats

Being an owner of a dog, you must know, how fun it is to play fetch with your dog. But, it is equally tedious to throw the ball manually multiple times, but with the latest iFetch Pet Toy; the task of throwing the ball will be handled by the gadget itself. And your only task will be to sitting on the couch and see your friend playing the game with fun. To make the game even more fun and relaxing, just train your dog to place the ball within the gadget itself; hardly any task will be left for you other than seeing your furry friend playing fetch. Though the product is primarily meant for dogs, but if your cat, bunny or other animal know how to play with balls, iFetch Pet Toy is meant for them, as well.


Light Collar Leuchtie (For dogs, cats)

Light Collar Leuchtie For dogs, cats

Pet owners know the anxiety, whenever they feel to find their pets within their home. Most pets, especially dogs have the habit of hiding behind the bushes, and it becomes really difficult to find them in acute darkness. But with the simple Light Collar Leuchtie, you can easily find them with the bright light, which can be attached around the neck of the most innocent member of your family, aka your furry friend. Light Collar Leuchtie glows quite bright, and is waterproof, making it the best product to find your dog or cat, when it is completely dark everywhere.

All the pet gadgets mentioned here are marketed for a single pet. But, you can even use the gadgets mentioned here with other pets, if they respond quite well to it, or you find it helpful. Thus, don’t hesitate trying out the Pet Cube with your rabbit, if it knows how to respond to your calls, and has the ability to interact with you properly.

Hope the small piece of information on the top pet gadgets was helpful for you, and will definitely rejuvenate your relationship with your furry friend. Which one is your favorite gadget! Let me know about it in the comment section down below.