What will happen with World, if the earth rotation reverses?

Our planet has been spinning from west to east for a few billion years. If viewed from above the Arctic, the Earth is like a gyroscope that rotates counterclockwise. Earth’s rotation affects everything on Earth. If the earth suddenly reverses, what kind of influence will it have on Earth?

In April this year, the “European Union of Earth Sciences Conference” was held in Austria. At the meeting, some scientists used a computer to simulate the possible appearance of the Earth’s surface after the Earth’s reversal.

Earth’s rotation period is 24 hours, and the equatorial rotation is about 1670 kilometers per hour. The kinetic energy generated by the Earth’s rotation not only changes the shape of the ocean currents, but also influences the flow of the atmosphere, and in turn shapes a variety of climate models globally.

Once the Earth reverses, the direction of ocean currents and winds will change, and their impact on land will also change. These changes will, in turn, change the global climate system. The reversal of the Earth will also reverse the Coriolis effect. The Coriolis effect is caused by the rotation of the Earth. It can deflect the movement of objects on the Earth’s surface.

The simulation results show that once the Earth’s rotation direction is reversed, the Earth’s climate model will change over several thousand years.

In general, the reversed earth will be greener than today.

The desert area on the surface of the Earth will be reduced from today’s 42 million square kilometers to 31 million square kilometers. Of these disappearing deserts, half will become grasslands and the other half will become forests. Global vegetation carbon storage will be more than today. The price is that the southeastern United States, southern Brazil, Argentina, and southeastern China will become deserts.

The reversal of the Earth will also reverse the global wind direction, causing changes in the temperature in the subtropical and mid-latitude regions. The western part of the mainland will become cooler and the eastern part will become warmer. Winter in northwestern Europe will get even colder. Changes in ocean currents will cause temperatures in the eastern part of the ocean to be higher than in the west.

Earth reverses rotation effects on the world
If the Earth reverses, the Sahara, the Middle East will become green, and the United States will have a vast desert (left).

After the Earth’s reversal, the “Drifting Ocean Currents of the Atlantic Ocean” will disappear from the Atlantic Ocean – this current has an important impact on today’s global climate – and another similar and stronger current will appear on the Pacific Ocean. It will take heat to eastern Russia.

Changes in ocean currents will also make the growth of the Indian blue fungus extremely robust and unprecedented. Perhaps the most striking thing is that the Sahara will become a green space. The greening of the Sahara desert allows us to think about the question of why it exists.