What is the difference between ordinary mobile phones and gaming mobile phones?

Affected by the market environment, the development of smartphones is subject to various restrictions, and mobile phone manufacturers have begun to seek new breakthroughs.

“Game Phone” is a new vertical segment of mobile phones this year. In recent years, the popularity of mobile games has also led to the birth of “gaming mobile smartphones”.

In many people’s eyes, according to the understanding of the gaming notebook, people guessed that the gaming phone will have a cool appearance and high-end hardware configuration, as well as convenient features tailored specifically for gamers.

However, the current mobile phone chip platform equipped with mobile phones are still Android + Snapdragon top chipset. Faced with such parameters, many people will have a question, what is the difference between gaming phones and ordinary flagship mobile phones?

Game Phones right now in the Market: Nubian and Black Shark

At present, only two brands, Nubia and Black Shark, have launched gaming phones in China. On the whole, the cool designs and high-end hardware configurations of these two phones satisfy everyone’s understanding of game phones.

However, as an ordinary user or an ordinary game enthusiast, it may not be so much looking for a gaming smartphone, and even after buying it will regret it a bit.

In fact, this is not because of the problem of mobile phone products, but everyone did not understand their true needs before buying mobile phones, blindly pursuing high-end performance and cool appearance.

difference between ordinary mobile phones and gaming mobile phones 1

As we all know, the Nubian Red Dev Mobile phone is a game phone released by Nubian mobile phones. Many people may not be familiar with the black shark mobile phone, this is a Xiaomi’s technology investment, so many people will call the “black shark phone” Xiaomi black shark game mobile phone.

So, we compare the flagship of the same manufacturer with a game phone, including the Xiaomi MIX 2S and Black Shark game phones, and the Nubian Red Dev Mobile phone and the Nubian Z17S. What are the differences?


Xiaomi MIX 2S and Black Shark game phone comparison


The black shark phone looks sleek and overall. The R-angle treatment of the arc is highly matched with the curvature of the finger joints. With a 2.5D glass panel, the grip is quite good when playing the game.

Xiaomi MIX 2S and Black Shark game phone comparison

On the back is a typical “game style”. The green logo is quite eye-catching. The streamlined shape of the sports car, the tough lines, and the “stepped” design are not the same as the back of a mobile phone. It is more like a sports car. Roof.

The back is made of metal material, which is more conducive to heat dissipation. Look closely at you and you will see an “X” character. The “X” character is matched with the green highlight trimming, which is quite dazzling under the illumination of the light.

The middle box also uses the green highlight trimming design, which echoes the back side, making the whole machine look cooler.

Black Shark game phone

In contrast, Xiaomi MIX 2S uses a metal frame + ceramic back cover design, the white version of the silver frame, the ceramic back shell is still warm and jade. The black version of the middle box is still black, from the perspective of the integration will be stronger.

Xiaomi MIX 2S uses a metal frame + ceramic back cover design

Xiaomi MIX 2S back 12MP dual camera vertical arrangement in the upper left corner, fingerprint identification and “MI MIX DESIGNED BY XIAOMI” in order from top to bottom in the middle, in addition, MIX 2S also supports face recognition.


It can be seen that the design styles of the two mobile phones are completely different. The black shark game mobile phone is full of e-sports style in appearance design, and the Xiaomi MIX 2S is more emphasis on the style of the business flagship.

Gaming mobile phone features

Although on the hardware, the black shark game phone and the Xiaomi MIX 2S are among the top flagship configurations of the Android camp, but in the details, the black shark phone has more optimization of the game.

Game phone features

The highlight of the Black Shark mobile phone is the five big black technologies created specifically for the game:

Multi-stage direct contact integrated liquid cooling system: Depth combination of coolant, high thermal conductivity copper alloy substrate, and nano-composite graphite, compared with no heat pipe CPU cooling efficiency increased 20 times, CPU maximum frequency running time increased by 70%, core temperature decreased by 8 degrees C.

Independent image processing chip: The image is more smooth and beautiful, MEMC insert frame technology and eye protection mode.

X smart antenna: X type smart antenna, no death grip, WIFI 2×2 MIMO;

Game Space: A key to enter the high-performance Shark mode, performance, memory full of blood state; game dock provides non-intrusive, anti-missing and other functions.

Black Shark Gamepad: The first gamepad designed specifically for mobile phones with simple zero delays.

Black Shark Gaming Phone has made more optimizations for the game. It is equipped with an independent image processing chip and multi-stage direct-touch one-piece liquid-cooling cooling technology, which has significantly improved in motion compensation and dynamic image enhancement, making the game screen Clearer and smoother.

Black Shark Gaming Phone has made more optimizations for the game

In addition, each function of the game mode is further optimized, one-touch access to the high-performance Shark mode, performance, memory full blood state; game dock provides free-disturbance, anti-mute and other functions are optimized for the game experience.

high-performance Shark mode gaming mobile phone

Black Shark has its own design of the handle and protective shell. In fact, this handle must be attached to the cell phone to get hold of it. After it was set up, the handle and the mobile phone were tightly integrated and there was no obvious looseness, which also made the originally slender mobile phone more slender.

Handle pairing is very simple, just press and hold the handle power button until blinking to start pairing.

And black shark game mobile phone connection is basically the speed of the second, the key input almost no sense of delay exists, and even if the handle and the mobile phone separation radius of about 3 meters within the distance, the operation is still sensitive and smooth, more stable Bluetooth The gamepad is also reliable.

black shark game mobile phone connection

According to the current game operation, the user can also select the location of the handle button mapping.

For example, the L key can be set to “fire” in the chicken game, the LT key can be set to “target”, and can also be replaced by actions such as changing bombs, jumping, etc. (“King of the Glory” is converted to blood and sprint skills). The joystick position can also be mapped according to the actual situation.

Xiaomi black shark handle button mapping for game mobile phone

With the use of the gyroscope aiming, you can even play chicken games with one hand.

With aiming, shooting, and the help of the handle, the game’s fun experience can match or even surpass the current mainstream game console, even with the feeling of playing Switch. However, these game experiences are difficult to match with the Xiaomi MIX 2S.


Red Devils Gaming Phone Comparison Nubian Z17S


The Red Devils mobile phone is based on a three-dimensional vector aesthetic design. The diamond-shaped red circle camera, rare hexagonal fingerprint recognition area, and the central axis’ 16.8 million color-colored RGB light strips will have tough lines and cool black and red. Style into this game phone.

Red Devils Gaming Phone Comparison Nubian Z17S

On the back of the three-dimensional sense, there are dark red troughs in the four corners, one of which is the speaker on the bottom left.

Nubian Z17S speaker three dimensional game mobile phone

The Nubian Logo is on the lower right, and the Red Devil’s logo is located near the Type-C connector on the bottom center. The contrast between black and red is full of personality. Nano full metal back cover, aluminum alloy middle frame, bring more smooth feel. At the top of the right side of the main body, there is a dark red diamond-shaped athletic key, a full-blooded game.

difference between ordinary mobile phones and gaming mobile phones 2

Nubia Z17 has extremely narrow upper and lower foreheads. There are almost no borders on the left and right. 90.35% of the screen occupies it. Holding it in the palm of your hand gives you the feeling of holding only one screen.

The back material is curved 3D glare glass, which is a Gorilla glass provided by Corning, which is resistant to wear and tear. The design of the four-curved surface brings a very sleek, outstanding touch and shines under the sun’s rays.

The middle frame is made of 7-series aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which has a certain degree of curvature and is well connected with the front and rear glass of the body. It is not only excellent in feel but also beautiful in appearance.

Nubian Z17S

Compared with the appearance, the cool appearance of the Red Devils mobile phone brings a strong e-sports style, while the Red Devil mobile phone maintains a variety of game designs, while the minimalist and cool appearance should make most people think about the game phone. Compared to Nubian Z17S is a young fashion style.


Game phone features

The Red Devils mobile phone is equipped with a 3800mAh battery, supports NewPower 3.0, 3A flash charging technology, carried out 8 hours a day in a real electric competition environment, and has now become the designated machine of the Tencent 2018 TGA Grand Prix!

Its built-in air-cooled technology, “near-black body” technology, three-layer graphite heat sink technology, three-dimensional surface heat dissipation and other four cooling black technology, continuous high load without pressure; a type of magic, fire full open! Makes the Red Devil game phone an experience that can be played while charging but not hot.

The Red Devil mobile phone equipped with the new RedMagic OS, equipped with a series of black technology for game competition:

One-key competitive mode: After dialing the competitive key, the CPU runs full of blood, limits the background, prevents inadvertent touch, and shields the popup window.

Convection air convection cooling: 4 wind slots on the back, air exchange capacity increased by 73%

Near-black body process heat dissipation: Multiple anodized metal backplates, special materials and sandblasting technology added, the metal back cover emissivity increased by 64%

3 layers of graphite heat sink : 3 layers of graphite paste, thermal diffusion capacity increased by 117%

Stereoscopic cooling of diamond cuts: The contact surface of the diamond cut surface is larger, and 9 radiation surfaces are used to achieve better heat dissipation.

to sum up:

By contrast, we found that there are obvious differences in the appearance of game phones and ordinary flagship phones. For those who like games, the cool design of e-sports phones makes them more like.

In addition, even in the same configuration, gaming phones will be more optimized for the gaming experience.

Of course, e-sports phones are a good choice for those who like to play mobile games, but for the average user, they should rationally choose according to their own use, if only occasionally play mobile games, the general mobile phone is also complete and enough to use, no need to pursue the game phone.

Source : PcOnline