Why do we need SSL Certificate on website? Top 5 reasons

We all think ourselves to be in the safe zone when we find the small green padlock saying ‘Secure’ while opening our favorite website. You are not the only one who feel secure. Actually, most of our favorite websites nowadays come with the ‘Secure’ padlock and it is really secure in the true sense of the term. Not only our favorite websites but even the small websites, which you can find come with ‘Secure’ on the address bar. It is possible with the help of an SSL certificate on your website. Having an SSL certificate on the website has its own advantages.

What happens is that, with the help of an SSL, the data between your visitor and the website is encrypted so that nobody in the middle can snoop any packet. If you are planning to open your new website and that too for free, chances are there you have thought of installing an SSL certificate on your website. You must be investing to get your domain name, and a good quality hosting. But without an SSL certificate on your website, you might be deprived of the minimum traffic at least 2018 and in the coming years. It is not only about good getting traffic, there are also a number of reasons, you should get an SSL certificate on your website.


Types of SSL Certificates:

  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates
  • WildCard SSL Certificates
  • Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificates
  • AMT SSL Certificates
  • Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)
  • General Purpose SSL Certificates

Know in detail about the Type of SSL certificates: Link to Comodo

Types of SSL certificates and why do we need the SLL certificate for website
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Why do we need SSL Certificate?

Let’s find out the reasons.

Make the visitors confident about your website

As I already said, the users feel to be in the same zone, with the ‘Secure’ just beside the address bar. It will make the visitors think, your website is a genuine one, and they will not hesitate to share the personal information on your website. The way most browsers treat websites without an SSL certificate can even make the non-tech-savvy users leap out of your website.

Better search engine optimization or SEO

If you are an SEO enthusiast, you must know how significant it is to get an SSL for your website. Google rank websites with an SSL certificate better than those which doesn’t have one. One of the basic criteria for getting more traffic and better SEO is to have an SSL certificate for a website. Nevertheless, I have seen websites without SSL having the first rank, but it is only one among 1,000. Without an SSL certificate, your website will be ranked, but very poorly, if said in a nutshell. Thus, having an SSL certificate is one of the basic requirements for maintaining good SEO and eventually get more traffic.

Better security of data

Data security is an important aspect when you are collecting personal data about your visitors. For such reasons, as well an SSL certificate can give you a better performance. With an SSL certification, all the data between you and your visitor will remain encrypted as I already said, and there will be very little chances for other hackers to steal data while it is getting transmitted.

The user data security burdens

In case something wrong happens with the website, and the personal data of the users get leaked or stolen, it will be you, who will responsible for the complete mess. But with an SSL certificate, you can be on the safer side. Not only you can keep your, and the visitor’s data safe, but also in case of any kind of conviction, you can at least say, your website had an SSL certificate with the sole endeavor to protect user data.

Protection from phishing

Having an SSL certificate on your website protect your website from phishing attacks. Though most phishing websites nowadays even come with SSL certificates and provide an HTTPS connection, there are some, who doesn’t. Thus, having an SSL certificate can even keep protecting the visitors of your website from phishing.

SSL certificate, in short, is something which is something basic for your website in 2018. Even there are some companies, who can provide SSL certificates free for your websites, for a limited time. This can help you start your business without thinking about the investments of the SSL certificate at that stage. There are no reasons to not have an SSL certificate, for whatever category of a website you have.

Editor note for the visitors

A website with an SSL certificate only ensures the data is encrypted when it is transmitted between the website and the visitor. SSL certificate doesn’t guarantee that the website will treat your data respectfully. Thus, you should always share your data on an unknown website, with care, and only after checking the privacy policy of the website.

Hope the information was helpful for you. Do you know another reason to have an SSL certificate on a website? Surely leave it as a comment in the comment section down below.

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