Google Chrome to remove ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’ from Chrome.

The Internet users are quite acquainted with the ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’ sign appear on the address bar while surfing the web in Google Chrome. All the users came across it. But recently Google made an announcement that the ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’ sign will no longer be visible. Instead, a padlock sign will be used to show, users, are on a secure page. Chrome will also turn the complete credentials input box to red if it is not secure. The new update will be found in the Chrome 69 update. It is planned to roll out this September.

Google Chrome to remove ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’

Google took this step for a reason. According to the company, most traffic on Chrome these days are secure. Thus it is no longer necessary to notify the users they are on a secure site. This makes sense.

With a secure connection, the data between the website and the user is encrypted. This ensures, no other person in the middle can steal or modify the packets.

Google also said it is a good idea to switch to HTTPS. This will keep the user data safe, and make the internet a little safer.

Moreover, it is quite easy and cheap these days to get an SSL certificate. It will keep the website secured and verified. There are even some free SSL options like ‘Let’s Encrypt’. It offers free SSL for some days before paying for it.

Are you having a website! Get it verified today with SSL to remove ‘Not Secure’ from your website. Do you enter sensitive data on unsecured websites? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.