Why India should switch to Electric Vehicles?

The world is on continuous growth since its origin. With every coming era, hundreds of new inventions come into existence and are all intended for the improvement of human lives. Humans have discovered and invented mind-blowing gadgets and robots throughout. They never failed to amaze the ordinary people. As time went by, all of us got accustomed to these inventions and indulged in it that we can’t even visualize a life without these. In the process of making human lives easier, we forgot about our mother nature.

Coming straight to the point and focusing chiefly on the impact of automobiles in our lives and our mother nature. The invention of automobiles stands out to be very useful for the people because they can easily reach out to their destination by driving. But the main problem was that we were busy utilizing all of the benefits that we ignored the mischief that we were causing to nature. On the verge of extinction of fossil fuels and petroleum, the scheme of sustainable development was introduced. Extinction of these important natural resources became the main concern for the environmentalists and from there the concept of “Electric vehicles” became engrossed.

So, let’s discuss electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the invention of a vehicle to run on electricity with the help of electric motors. There are a variety of electric vehicles which are distinguished by the different sources of gathering energy. The most important sources are solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and electric generators. These vehicles produced less air pollution and along with that, it does not require fuels to function.

During the mid 80’ the perception of electric cars was introduced but due to lack of energy storage, this idea doesn’t attract much popularity. However, with the help of evolving technologies, the problem of energy storage has been resolved, and for the execution of sustainable development, scientists have been researching this for its permanent accomplishment. An electric vehicle now comes with rechargeable batteries and a comfortable structure.

Edison and a 1914 Detroit Electric model 47
Edison and a 1914 Detroit Electric model 47

So, the main question is what is the electrical Vehicles’ future in India?

what is the electrical Vehicles future in India min

India being a developing and an overpopulated country has always faced money problems. The Majority of the people in India belong to either middle-class families or are part of under poverty line people. But from the past few years, most people own a car.

All the cities of India are overpopulated with vehicles and because of which air pollution is increasing furiously. Just examine the state of affairs in India’s capital city “Delhi”; the air is getting more toxic day by day. As claimed by the scientists, if this example goes on for an extended period; then human beings have to hold oxygen tanks with them. It is believed that the introduction of electric vehicles can resolve this problem to a certain extent.

Electric vehicles will be cheaper, easy to control, and require less power consumption. All of these factors can help the country’s people to save more and help our nature to restore itself. These vehicles are implanted with rechargeable batteries due to which people didn’t need to put their money into buying fuels and eventually the expenses can be cut off.

Considering its mechanism of using a MOSFET transistor to convert energy significantly helps the engine to get power at a higher frequency rate. This technology has also led to the easier handling of vehicles along with cost reduction. Slowly after more research, scientists came up with “Lithium-ion battery”. This battery assists the electric vehicles to store more energy and gives the benefit to run up to more distance. Altogether it can overtake the fuel cars by its benefits on nature and the functionalities that it provides.

Considering today scenario, we can see multiple types of electric vehicles in the market but on the roads, normal fossil fuel cars are prevalent because of its reputation in the market. Electric vehicles can mainly be seen as public transport although the numbers are really few. As time is passing by and the cost of fuels like petrol and diesel are increasing in a problematic way due to multiple factors especially after the COVID 19 pandemic.

So, in the view of this situation sooner or later electric vehicles have a fair chance to hit the Indian roads in much greater numbers. From the very first, the idea of electric vehicles is a huge success. Switching coal and diesel train engines into electric one was a great step taken by our government for the betterment of both; our environment and GDP.

With time, scientists may come up with some more inventions to solve the environmental and monetary problems that are faced by our generation. Without an end to this situation; many more bad days will be seen by our future generations. For the sake of saving our human race, we need to adopt new ways to help our environment to repair and give our future generations a chance to live their lives in a manner we lived.

The Indian government is trying to implement the plan of using electric vehicles on an average count. They are planning to increase the number of electric vehicles by 30% within the time frame of 10 years. But for making this plan successful there are still plenty of things that need to be done. Firstly, charging points of these vehicles should be built on different milestones so that people who are traveling long distances don’t face the problem of empty batteries. This problem of batteries in these electric vehicles causes a major disadvantage for its driver and could lead to being a reason for its non-acceptance in the market.

In gist, the future of electric vehicles in India is pretty good, and with the proper steps taken by the government officials; shortly, we can see electric vehicles in more numbers. This kind of more invention should be carried out by scientists for the betterment of the environment. If this plan succeeded then we need to think about the industries, which pollute both air and water. Our earth can only heal properly if the elimination of pollution due to different factors can be resolved.

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