What is the Internet of Things (IOT) in simple words ? Definition

The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology. As the name suggests, “the Internet of Things” are the things those connected to each other via the Internet. The Internet of things come into existence when multiple technologies, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems came into existence.

It has two parts, first, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is the Internet, which is a global network that connects millions of devices each other. For example, the Facebook social media hosted on the server of Facebook (company) servers but you can load and use it on your local smartphone or computer using the worldwide network called the Internet.

Second is Things (object or devices) extends and extends to any item used to exchange and communicate using the Internet.

Therefore, the definition of the Internet of Things is it is a network of multiple devices such as physical devices, home appliances, Vehicle and other embedded devices those communicate each other to connect and collect data using different mediums such as infrared sensor, radio frequency identification, laser scanner, global positioning system, and other information sensing equipment.

What is internet of things (IOT)

Examples of the Internet of things ( IoT )

For example, Smart homes, this concept comes under the IOT with a sense of Home automation. As the IOT become more mature your all home appliances become enough smart those can save energy by automatically turning theme selves on or off when they are not it use.

In the Medical world, different sensors used in different applications such as heart rate monitor to collect the data in order to analyze, research and monitor them to provide smart healthcare system. For example pacemakers, Fitbit electronic wristbands, or advanced hearing aids.

Another example: Suppose, in a hot day of the summer, you are coming back to your home from office but before reached; you want that your AC should get ON and start cooling the room. So, when you will reach you can easily relax. In this scenario, the AC is connected to the Internet and you can control it remotely. This all setup comes under the IOT smart home section.

The Internet of Things is rapidly evolving and is expected to cover between 30 billion and 75 billion devices by 2020, from smart bracelets, toys, photo frames, to medical devices, seismic sensors, and aircraft.

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