3 Best and Free Block Referrer Spam WordPress plugin

WordPress is a very popular CMS and uses by lots of people. So, hackers always trying to hack and spam sites build on WordPress. Now there is a technique to spam your WordPress website without getting control over it, the referrer spam is one of them. In the WordPress referrer spamming, the spammer is using your website to increase their own website ranking and traffic. To combat against these pathetic spammers there are several plugins available in this WordPress plugins directory. We have also mentioned the list of 443 spam websites which are used to spam and crap your Google Analytics. In this article, we have listed some best block referrer spam plugins for WordPress. Preventing referrer spam using these WordPress Block referrer spam plugins will not save your website from spam but also help to give a clear-cut picture of your traffic in the Google Analytics.

Referrer Spam plugins for WordPress: Antispam solutions

After researching, we get some handful WordPress Referrer spam plugins. These plugins are some best free antispam solution available to block referrer spam traffic. Spam traffic is trigger by using bots that simulate human behavior.

Bot Block – Stop Spam Referrals in Google Analytics


Bot Block plugin blocks spam bots before your website loads which not only stops the traffic appearing within Google Analytics but it also saves you Bandwidth. The spambots blocked are pulled from a central database of known bots, this database is updated as new spam bots are found, you also have the option to add your own referrer URL’s to block.

Block Referer Spam

block referrer spam

This is the best plugin to stop the referer spam traffic. We are using this plugin for our website too. Block Referer Spam plugin has a very simple interface and efficient to block all most all Referer Spam websites. It stops the unuseful bots that simulate the behavior of a human. These Bots did this in so precise manner that even Google Analytics accepts them. The database of this plugin update daily and save your site from any upcoming spam threat. The database maintains both internally and externally(by users). Any user can submit any new spam domain list in this plugin to help the others. Once active and auto-update are enabled, you will barely see any of those nasty spammers such as smelt, buttons-for-website, floating-share-buttons, 4webmaster, free-floating and much more.

Block Referer Spam Plugin Features

  • Ability to update the referer spam list automatically.
  • Custom referer spam domain adding option
  • Blocking spam traffic using two methods:.htaccess or WordPress based
  • Manual Update




SpamreferrerBlock plugin almost has the same features like Block Referer Spam plugin. It is one of the best plugin available for blocking the spam traffic. But we have used both the plugins and in our opinion, the Block Referer Spam Plugin is the best for us. As this plugin hasn’t updated for last 1 year. But many websites claiming that this the good plugin for stopping the spam. It uses the web service to block the spam traffic.

SpamreferrerBlock plugin Features

  • The update will retrieve directly from their server. The “Blacklist” consists of a plain JSON file.
  • Direct install does not need any special permission or register.
  • Allow adding custom Spam website list


WP referrer spam blacklist


WP referrer spam blacklist WordPress plugin is able to secure your website from 450+ referrer spammers. There is no auto-update option for blacklist in this plugin. To protect your website from any security hole developer haven’t enabled this option. Instead of auto-update, the plugin gets the update list from the developer’s server.

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