Google Site Kit for WordPress to integrate Analytics, AdSense, Search Console & PageSpeed

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WordPress is a dominated content management system which is fueling and running million of blogs and enterprise websites, thus Google couldn’t overlook it. As we Google SE runs on content if valuable content would not be on the internet who is going to use it. Hence, to help the owner of WordPress running websites, Google has been working on a plugin called Site Kit by Google. Since the first release which was in June 2019, hitherto it has released couple beta releases, however, 4 days ago, Google has finally updated and released the first full and stable version of the Site Kit, offering webmasters a simple way to integrate the most important Google services into the WordPress site.

As we know Google offered couple tools free of cost which are indispensable for webmasters to keep manage their website such as Google Search Console for managing your own web page in web search. And others are Google Analytics for extensive traffic analysis, AdSense for monetizing the website and PageSpeed ​​for extensive analysis.

Install Site Kit by Google plugin

To use all distinct Google services, till now either we have to integrate some third party plugin or manually embedding the code given by these services. However, not anymore. With the help of a plugin created by Google and named Site Kit by Google, we can directly integrate all these things to WordPress and view and analyze the data generated by the services straight on WordPress Admin Dashboard is possible too. For which earlier we had to switch on Google’s websites or the tools itself.

Site Kit by Google plugin contains all these tools:

  • Search Console: Measures your site Google Search traffic and performance
  • Google Analytics: Tells you how to find, use, and engage your site
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights: Analyze your site and suggest ways to make it faster
  • Google AdSense: Helps you to earn money from your online content

How to Install Site Kit by Google plugin

  • Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Take your mouse on the Plugins option given on the left side menu.
  • Select Add New.
  • In the right side search box type Site Kit by Google.
  • It will appear automatically.
  • Now click on Install now button.
  • And once installation gets completed, click on the Activate button to activate the Site Kit by Google plugin.
Install Site kit by Google plugin on WordPress

How to set up Google’s Site Kit plugin.

Setting up and connecting is quick, because logging into the Google Account retrieves a lot of data from these services, so you can easily integrate those products or retrieve their data. However, here is a quick overview.

After the installation, on the Dashboard, you will see a Start Setup button click on that.

Start Google site kit setup

Sign with the Google Account that you are using for Google webmaster or search console account.

Welcome to Site Kit! Let’s get you set up

Give permission to Site Kit for accessing you Search console data.

Allow to sitekit to access yoru Google search data

After verifying that you are the owner of the webmaster and property, again allow it finally access the data.

Allow Adsense on WordPress Site kit

In the same, way you will get an option to link Google Analytics and Adsense to Site Kit on your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, all the information related to plugin setup in detail can be seen on the official website

The plugin is currently being actively developed and maintained by Google, so perhaps right now is the time to get started. Presumably, this is also an external team, which simply brings the integration of the many Google APIs and possibilities to WordPress, so that there is also very flexible.

Both WordPress and GitHub has this tool, while deeply engaging with the site, can still be used in addition to any existing Google-related plug-ins. Due to the very simple integration, if someone doesn’t like can easily remove it just like any other plugin in WordPress.

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