How to Remove Comments Box or Leave a Reply Section in WordPress Completely

In our previous tutorial article related to WordPress comments, we have shown how to turn off /enable or disable comments on the new or future posts, pages or some particular sections in WordPress. But what about those professional or business website based on WordPress those don’t need the Comment box section or Leave a reply option on WordPress Website.  So, to remove the Comments box in WordPress Posts and pages throughout the website here is the tutorial…

How to Remove the WordPress Comments box or Leave a reply Using plugin

Step 1: If you don’t have coding knowledge in that case playing with codes to remove the comments box might hurt your website. So, here is a simple way using the plugin called Disable comments. 

The Disable comments plugin allows WordPress administrators to completely remove the comment box or section from the WordPress posts, pages, attachments and more… The usage of this plugin is very simple with just few click you can remove the Leave a reply or comment box section. But note one thing, while using the Disable comments plugin everywhere you can’t enable comments section for some individual post using the discussion option in WordPress post editor. The comment box will completely be hidden throughout the website until you disable this plugin.

It also removes all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens. On multisite installations, it can be used to disable comments on the entire network.

The plugin can hide all comments links those appear on WordPress dashboard, admin section, admin bar,  comment-related sections such as Recent Comments, Discussion etc., comment-related widgets, Discussion settings, X-Pingback HTTP header and outgoing pingbacks.

Step 2:  Go to Plugins -> Add new  and install plugin “Disable Comments”

Step 3: After installing and upon activating its time to configure it, for that go to Settings and select the Disable comments.

Step 4: To remove the WordPress comment Box completely tick the box given left side of the option”Everywhere: Disable all comment-related controls and settings in WordPress“.

If you do not want to remove comment box from whole Wordpress website instead of that particularly on some sections such as posts and pages. Select the option “On certain post types” and then on the sections you want.

Remove comments box in WordPress

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