Facebook upvote and downvote feature to judge comments on public posts

Facebook, in February 2018 confirmed, they will introduce a way to allow the users, rate comments, on the public posts, on the platform. That being said, Facebook recently introduced the upvote and downvote button, just like Reddit. According to TechChrunch, the feature is introduced to maintain the quality of the contents, which people see on the platform. The feature is not yet available to all the users, but some users have already got the Facebook upvote and downvote button, and Twitter is flooded with screenshots of the users, who have by now got the feature.

Facebook upvote and downvote feature

With more upvotes for a particular comment, the comment will gradually move towards the top, which will make the comment reach most users, seeing the same post. The opposite will happen with the comments, having more downvotes. The users should use the upvote and downvote feature Facebook, depending upon, how helpful, a particular comment is. A user can downvote a comment if the comment contains hate speech, is not helpful, misleading or contain irrelevant or wrong information.

The downvote button though is not the dislike button, and users shouldn’t treat it as the same. The downvote feature is all about helping Facebook know, how relevant or helpful, the comment is, in context of the post. Facebook dislke button might come in the future, but there isn’t anything confirmed about it though.

As Facebook will use the upvote and downvote feature to judge the comments on its platform, a lot of fake profiles or bots can also mislead Facebook by upvoting or downvoting certain comments, which can make the thing work in an erroneous manner. Facebook might come with a way to tackle the issue so that it can take only the genuine upvotes and downvotes into consideration.

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