Shortcut keys for WordPress

WordPress has its own shortcut keyboard functions. Mostly people use the WordPress only with the mouse to formatting and styling the posts in WordPress editor. But if you want to move a one step ahead to become an advanced user of WordPress then here are WordPress keyboard shortcuts. After using theses Shortcut keys WordPress you can edit your post more quickly.

For giving Bold font to your text use : Ctrl + b  

For Italic use this shortcut: Ctrl + i 

For copy: Ctrl + c 

For pasting the copied text: Ctrl + v 

To cut the text: Ctrl + x 

To select all: Ctrl + a

To undo: Ctrl + z

For Redo: Ctrl + y 

Use the heading font :Ctrl + [number] Where number is: 1 for H1, 2 for H2 and so on.

To check Spelling press: Alt + Shift + n

To align the text to left : Alt + Shift + l 

To Justify the text: Alt + Shift + j  

You can Align the text to Center by pressing: Alt + Shift + c

Strikethrough the text which not in use anymore: Alt + Shift + d 

Align to right the text: Alt + Shift + r

Unordered List: Alt + Shift + u 

Insert linking shortcut: Alt + Shift + a  

Give a Numeric List to your text by using: Alt + Shift + o 

Remove link: Alt + Shift + s 

Quote the text : Alt + Shift + q 

Direct insert the image: Alt + Shift + m

For distraction free wirting press: Alt + Shift + w

For inserting read more tag: Alt + Shift + t

Shortcut to insert page break tag: Alt + Shift + p 

Shortcut to get help of rich text editor: Alt + Shift + h

To publish the post use this shortcut: Alt + Shift + p 

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