8 Best Free QR Code Generator Android Apps on Play Store

QR codes are great, aren’t they? They are the most affordable ways to bring traffic to your website or app. Just integrate a QR code to your social media posts or a physical pamphlet and your website now becomes accessible to everyone with a smartphone.

While most of the QR codes around, essentially contain a link to a website but there’s a lot more that you can do with new-age QR code generators. We are talking about things like full-fledged images, GIFs, phone contacts, and a lot more.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a dime to use these amazing QR code generators as we have compiled the best free QR code generators for you. Stay tuned as many of their features might come in as a surprise and leave you awestruck!

1. QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner App for Android

QR Code Scanner App by Gamma Play is a good option to consider while searching for free QR code generators. No matter what data or content you want to encode, ScanMe helps you achieve it. Apart from QR codes, the app can make various barcodes like Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8/EAN-13, Data Matrix, and so on. 

“QR Code Scanner” has an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate interface. Therefore, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge to use it. QR codes generated using “QR Code Scanner” are free-to-use in any personal or commercial projects, such as leaflets, posters, websites, or somewhere else. Once a code is ready, you can either save it on your device or choose to share it with others directly from the app.

2. QR Maker

QR Maker

QR Maker is an easy way to generate QR codes for free. This handy app lets you create QR codes for all your purposes with a single touch. After generating a QR code, users can alter it in various ways, such as changing its size, color, etc. 

Besides being a free QR code generator, QR Maker also lets you scan any QR codes using its built-in QR code scanner. This allows you to open any website or decode any text in seconds. Also, the app has a minimalistic, intuitive UI. Hence, users with little to no technical knowledge can use the app without any trouble.  

3. QRky: QR Code Generator & more

QRky Best QR Code Generator for Android

QRky: QR Code Generator & more is a free-of-cost, ad-free solution to all your QR code-related needs. The app empowers you to create QR codes for all your needs. Be it custom texts, website links, email addresses, Wi-Fi passwords, contact numbers, location details, or something else – QRky lets you generate QR codes out of anything imaginable. It even allows QR code generation out of social media accounts. You can also add any of your codes to ‘Favorites’ to later find it quickly. 

Along with code generation, you can also scan any QR code or barcode you want. You don’t have to worry even if the light conditions are low. The app has a flash mode for such situations. The app auto-saves and timestamps all the scanned codes in the ‘History’ tab for easy finding. Interestingly, QRky has a batch scan mode that empowers you to scan numerous codes at once, saving time. Plus, it has a dark mode as well to enhance the user experience.   

4. QR Code Creator Barcode Reader

QR Code Creator Barcode Reader

QR Code Creator Barcode Reader can be a solid choice if making professional-looking QR codes for free is your priority. Besides creating detailed and fully customizable QR codes, this app is capable of serving as an easy, fast QR code scanner too. Also, it can generate or scan barcodes of different types like EAN-8, EAN-13, Aztec, Code 93, UPC-A, UPC-E, PDF 417, etc., and provides flashlight support for low light conditions.

QR Code Creator Barcode Reader lets users add more than 12 details to their codes. From URLs to locations to contact info to email IDs, the app can generate barcodes and QR codes out of almost anything. There are also history and batch scan features that contribute a deal to the elevated user experience. Plus, users can contact customer care executives if they have any issues or queries.

5. QR Code Creator Barcode Reader

QR scanner QR code generator

Using the QR scanner: QR code generator, you can scan and create as many QR codes as you want for free. Users can scan QR codes and barcodes using their cameras or from their gallery. They can even use their flashlights if the environment is dark.

It supports almost all major QR code types, such as vCards, email IDs, texts, website links, Wi-Fi passwords, geolocations, and more. You can create QR codes using your social media accounts as well.

Interestingly, QR scanner: QR code generator lets you customize your codes after generation and enrich them. You can set a logo in the middle, pick color gradients, or select a template to put your QR code on them. FYI, QR scanner: QR code generator comes with a history feature that lets you see all your scanned/generated codes in one place. Needless to say, it boosts your convenience. 

6. QR Code Monkey – Scan/Generate

QR Code Monkey – Scan Generate

No matter what type of content you have, QR Code Monkey can scan or generate QR codes/barcodes from it within a few seconds. It supports various 1D and 2D barcode formats. These include UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, RSS-14, Aztec, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, and so on. Also, you can create codes from a wide range of content like URLs, clipboards, phone numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, ISBNs, cryptocurrencies, and whatnot. 

This free QR code/barcode scanner and generator comes with a plethora of cool features like flashlight support, zoom in/out, image scanning, colored QR code for foreground/background, share and copy results, scan/creation history, etc. 

Additionally, besides English, QR Code Monkey supports four other major languages – French, Russian, Spanish, and German. The app has a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface that everyone regardless of their technical skill level can use with ease. 

7. QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR TIGER QR Code Generator is a handy and convenient tool that assists users in creating their own, customized QR codes with logos. This free-to-install app also comes equipped with a built-in scanner that lets you scan all QR codes.

Some of the amazing features of QR TIGER include a color picker, pattern selection, custom background/foreground color, data filtering, history, and so on. Also, QR TIGER lets you create both static as well as dynamic QR codes. In addition, there is a track data page on the app. Here, users can filter data by day/week/month/year and view the number of people scanned who scanned their QR codes and when.

Within the app, you can find a map chart as well. This map chart gives you a detailed overview of the locations of the people scanning your QR codes across the world. It is so precise that you can even see the exact cities where people scanned your code.

8. QR Code Reader & Generator

QR Code Reader Generator

QR Code Reader & Generator lets you scan any QR code or barcode as well as generate your QR code in an instant. The free app makes everything so convenient by offering users the facility to add the QR Code Reader icon to their Quick Settings menu. This enables users quickly scan any QR code or barcode as fast as possible. It can detect and read QR codes within photos too. 

For increased efficiency, while scanning, the app lets you use your phone’s flashlight if the light is inadequate. Besides that, you can also generate custom QR codes. In case you were unaware, you can even create QR codes out of your contact number and easily share them with others. Plus, the app offers scan/generate history, enabling you to find a particular code without breaking a sweat.


As you can see, there are a large number of free QR code generators available in the market today. In our article, we have curated some of the best among them to help you with all your QR code-related needs. Besides creating your codes, they can scan other QR codes too. So, don’t wait any longer. Install them today and generate or scan QR codes for various purposes.