6 Best Food Delivery Apps in India for Android and iPhone (iOS)

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The invention of apps has solved many of our problems and created a new way of making things easy and smooth for us. Cravings for food is one thing that none of us can ignore.  When you want food, you want food. There is nothing parallel that is running to this craving. Especially for a foody, tastebuds are always at their very best. Hunger sees no time. At 8 you might be not so hungry but at 11 you will definitely be hungry. Going to the expensive restaurant, café would make you lose your pocket money daily.  Besides waiting at these restaurants is another big task.  If you are giving cooking a thought then it’s again a big NO! Nobody would first go to the kitchen, get all drenched in the sweat and then cook food and in the end, has the capability to eat it as well as enjoy it. This is such a situation in which you would rather sleep hungry than cooking. The world is getting smarter so why not hunt for an idea which is also smarter?

With the new development, people look over the mobile app for every work to be done. Be it a small recharge, buying grocery, downloading a book to read, paying electricity bills, etc.  Many people are not interested in cooking food and many are the busy ones who don’t have time to cook food. Here comes there superhero to their rescue- “The Food delivery Apps”. From pizza to the most nutritious food, you will find anything here and within no time it will reach to you. Basically, they are getting the idea in the market that “food is one click away”. Some simple steps need to be followed. Downloading the app from play store, registering into the app and then the best part choosing the items from the menu list that has to be ordered. Many young students and IT professionals find this way the most convenient way and a hassle-free job. Online food delivery is very popular in the metropolitan cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai.

With the growing population, the young audience is eager for this lifestyle. These food delivery apps have become popular instantly. People have the choice to compare not only the food but also their prices. Also if you are traveling to India and looking for some best food home delivery apps then this article is for you too.

Best Food Delivery Apps in India for Android and iPhone (iOS)

So here comes the top 10 food delivery mobile apps for Android and iOS which will surely lure you to order something and enjoy the comfort:


Swiggy Food Order & Delivery

Swiggy Food Order & Delivery

Swiggy is one of the top-rated food ordering mobile application in India. Specifically, in Bangalore, it is rated as the No.1 food ordering app. The credit of Swiggy goes to the CEO of Swiggy- Sriharsha Majety. He introduced Swiggy with everybody in 2014. Swiggy has helped customers discover new restaurants. Be it Dominoes Pizza or a  new authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant both are listed on the platform and the orders hit the one with better ratings.  Also, the customer gets to know when the food will arrive and there is no more hassle in taking orders and giving orders.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App

Zomato – Food & Restaurants

Zomato is a much older one. It was founded in 2008 by Indian entrepreneurs Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. This app is currently being operated in 23 countries which is a success in itself. This was earlier known as Foodiebay and late in 2010 was renamed Zomato. Between 2010-2013 it raised US$16.7 million. Zomato launched a Zomato.xxx site, also known as the food-porn. Currently, Zomato has more than 62.5 million users.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


foodpanda: Food Order Delivery

foodpanda Food Order Delivery

Foodpanda is a cute name for an online food delivery app. It is a German mobile food delivery marketplace. The headquarters are in Berlin, Germany.  The service allows you to select from a local restaurant and place orders via the mobile application as well as the website. The company is partners with 27,095 restaurants in 193 cities. It was founded 6 years ago in 2012. The foodpanda group was founded by Ralf Wenzel, Benjamin Bauer, and Felix Plog.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


Just Eat – Takeaway delivery

Just Eat – Takeaway delivery

Just eat is another online food order and delivery service, the headquarter is in the United Kingdom and operates in 13 different countries. Five Danish entrepreneurs founded just eat in Denmark in 2000 and launched the service in 2001. It came late in India, in 2006 and was founded by Ritesh Dwivedy. Just eat also began their marketing campaign. Also, the best part is that just eat became the primary shirt sponsor for Derby County Football Club.  It operates in Europe, Australia, North America and South America.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


Uber Eats: Food Delivery

Uber Eats Food Delivery

This is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014. The headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The CEO is Travis Kalanick and the other founder is Garrett Camp. Again the ordering can be done on the website or on the mobile application depending upon the customer. This is also partners with lot many, more than 100 restaurants. The unique part is for every delivery it claims to reach the customer’s house within 30 minutes or less. Some restaurants and café are open 24 hours every day. The platform occasionally features food from local celebrity chefs wishing to increase their public visibility.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)

FAASOS – Order Food Online

FAASOS – Food Order Delivery

It is an Indian “food on demand” online food delivery app incorporated in 2011. It is the only vertical integrated food business in India and operates all three stages of “food on demand”- ordering, distribution, and order fulfillment. There is a record of Faaso’s receiving 10,000 orders a day across India. Faaso’s is gaining the growth rate from month to month.  Faaso’s keep on coming with new schemes to attract its customers and modify their services.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


We have so many amazing options to get our food here, doesn’t have to spend a penny on traveling and enjoy the meal with the whole family. Ordering food has become a hassle-free job and within no time the food is there at your place.  Ordering is better than cooking!!!

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