7 Best Free Boost and Cache cleaner Apps For Android Mobile

Generally, the Android mobile devices don’t require daily cleaning or junk files removal. However, it is a good idea to clean your Android intermittently to boost the performance, enhance the battery life, and delete all junk files. And all the Android cleaner and booster apps are meant for this. You might have one question in your mind, are these free Android cleaning apps really clean the cache and junk files?  The answer is YES, using apps for long time piled up the cache on your phone and it needs to clear after some time to maintain the phone performance. These cache cleaner apps not only clean the cache but also clean the junk files such as image thumbnails, uninstall app residual data, junk from ads and more to free up the phone storage.

You’ll not have to worry anymore about how to clear cache or how to speed up an Android phone, the Android Cache cleaner and memory booster apps will take care of them. Few Android cleaner apps also come with RAM cleaning and battery booster features. However, in some apps, the RAM cleaner feature known as Phone Booster.

The usage of these two is worth only in old Android or low-end phones because the new version of Android can manage them both. However, if your phone is running low on memory, phone performance is slow or just want to clean the junk files to make some space for new media then have a look at this list of free Android cleaning apps.


Best Android Cache Cleaner Apps

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Clean Master- Cache Cleaner & Antivirus

Clean Master Cache Cleaner & Antivirus

The Clean Master is one of the leading apps in the world of Android cleaning apps. It not only an Android booster app but also has inbuilt tools to keep your phone safe from viruses, hide and encrypt photos and more…

The inbuilt tools of Clean Mater are:

  1. CM Antivirus: It is free antivirus to blocks and removes viruses/ trojans.
  2. Phone 1 Tap Boost: The Clean Master Phone Boost feature helps in freeing up RAM (RAM cleaner). However, after boosting your mobile the performance will slightly be increased than before. It helps in playing high-end games.
  3. CPU cooler: If some app on the phone creating CPU overheating, the Clean Master CPU find out that and helps to freeze it.
  4. Battery saver: This features works around the battery to increase the overall all battery life by hibernating the apps that are in usage to save power.
  5. Notification: Too many junk notification can cause lagging the phone, so this option will safely close them.
  6. Private Gallery: It encrypts private photos and videos so that only you can see them.
  7. WiFi CM security: CM WiFI will allow you to set up a VPN connection to safely browse the internet when you connected to some unknown WiFI.
  8. Clean WhatsApp: We get lots of videos, voice messages, and images on Whatsapp. This Clean Master will clean the junk files from WhatsApp once approved.
  9. Applock It protect the phone apps with an AppLock PIN or pattern.

For low-end Android Mobile phones, the Clean Master also has released a stripped version known as Clean Master Lite (review).

Power Clean – AntiVirus Cleaner and Booster App

Power Clean android cleaner app

Power Clean app has rated more than 2M users on the Play store which makes it another popular Android cleaning app. It has a light and fast interface. This android phone cleaner and booster app can work to clean phone memory and storage space, notification cleaner, app manager to uninstall, backup, and share apps. It also has App Lock to securely protect apps like WhatsApp.

Key features of this free cleaning app Power cleaner

  • Phone cleaner for Android to clean junk and residual files.
  • Memory cleaner (Power boost)
  • App manager
  • CPU monitor & CPU cooler
  • Antivirus
  • Notification clean
  • Power Battery Saver


Ace Cleaner (Boost Speed Free)

Best Android Cleanning apps

A professional Android junk and cache cleaning app with a boosting engine to carved out maximum performance from the phone. It has a very simple and intuitive interface.

Key features of Ace Cleaner

  • Cleaning solution for Ad junk, residual junk, cache junk, memory(RAM) junk and APK files.
  • 1 tap boost & autostart apps.
  • Optimize the phone system and apps performance.
  • 1 tap Notifications removal
  • App Lock
  • App Manager
  • Detects similar photos automatically and remove them
  • Clean cache and junks of Facebook


SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid allows users to browse the whole mobile system to explore and remove superfluous files from your system. It manages installed user and system apps including detection of junk files belonging to uninstalled apps.  Optimize databases, remove the cache, detect duplicate pictures, music or documents, independent of name or location and more…

Assistant for Android

 Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android will offer you a plethora of options. The option provided is very handy to make your device run smoothly. It also comes with some handy utilities. You can easily find them by downloading the app. The best part of the app is that it hardly takes up any space on your internal memory. No app is 0 MB. That’s impossible. But this app is more or less 3 MB. That is not at all a big deal for smartphones with gigabytes of storage.


It offers you the option to clear cache, clear the storage among storage management options. It can also help you batch install and uninstall apps along with backing up and restoring apps. You can also move your apps to the SD card, which is though not helpful nowadays. But the option exists. The best part is, you can manage the startup of the apps. That is pretty handy and actually makes a difference. Lastly, you can also find the battery usage, get a file manager from this app. Oh yes, you can also see the permissions each app asks from within this app.

GO Speed (1 Tap Boost Cleaner)

Go Speed free cleaning app

The Go Speed free cleaning app claimed that it can take care of your Android device better than another booster apps because of the ability to control the auto start of apps. It can intelligently clean the background process by monitoring them.

Key features:

  • BlackHole Speed Booster stops the toughest auto-start apps.
  • AppLock to lock app WhatsApp, Contacts and Facebook Messenger using pin or pattern.
  • Pre-installed App Terminator
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • APP Manager
  • Smart On-screen Widget
  • Memory Boost
  • Auto-start Manager
  • Storage Cleaner
  • Floating Widget
  • Notification Toggle


Boost App Cache Cleaner – 1 Tap Boost Clean Junk Files

App Cache Cleaner 

The Boost App cache cleaner features 1 Tap boost option that can clean junk files with just one tap. It supports Android 6.0, 7.0, 7.1 Android operating system.
App Cache Clean Master is a simple cache manager for Android devices to clean cache & junk files. It is developed by the Apex Apps and work like premium version apps. Also, it reminds you intermittently when the cache of the device exceeds the threshold. You don’t need to be root your phone to use this cache cleaner tool.

Key features of App Cache Cleaner 

  • Cache Cleaner – 1 tap Clean & Scan and refresh.
  • Work as a RAM cleaner app to boost the phone performance
  • Clean background tasks
  • Optimize your Android by 1 tap junk files remover option to release storage space
  • App Manager
  • Backup & Upload apps to cloud drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Share apps by a third party


If you have the Android performance issue, want to clean the junk files to free up some storage then use anyone mentioned above. Let us know, did these Android cache cleaner apps are worthful. Moreover, if you are using some other Android cleaner app that is best for you and not on this list, please also let us know that too. Share your reviews in the comments box below.


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