Google’s List of 12 Best Android Games, Optimized for Great Performance- 2018

Recently, the Google has updated a list of best Android games those are selected on the basis of the design, usability, and Android optimization. Under the list of Android Excellence apps of January 2018, the company has featured the list of both apps and games those are best optimized for the Android phones.

This list of Android Games contains both high and low-end games and not selected on the basis of sales, installation or price by the Google. They are purely focused to increase the user experience and functionality.



Best Android Smartphone Optimized Games Chosen by the Google Editors 2018

Bit Heroes

A retro design game with a dungeon adventure theme. It features six zones, 70 levels, 100 creatures to fight,  loot to upgrade, craft, raids, collaborates with friends to find the treasure and more…


Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS

A free Front person shooter game with live tournaments and game prizes. It is a multiplayer game in which 4 persons can play the game simultaneously. Play as 13+ specialized Agents, each equipped with unique guns and abilities. Modern combat FPS is a high graphics game with intuitive shooter controls and design.



Bloons Supermonkey 2

Bloons Supermonkey 2 is a family fun game for new gamers with 90+ vibrant levels, fast action and easy to control functions. As a Super Monkey, you need to control the endless legions of bloons invading the Monkey Town. It features 90+ weapons like Doom Gauntlets, Sidewinder Ace, and Yeti, 40+ bloon shredding and more…


Old Man’s Journey

An arcade game to explore the beautiful sceneries and locations. It uncovers the story of an old man and needs your help to complete his journey by solving playful puzzles and shape, growing the hills to create a path for the old man.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead is the official mobile game of the show. A player needs to make choices between life and death. And choose the life with a crossbow or sault rifle. It features combat fight, a collection of different characters, choose the team to complete the mission, Hunt the walkers, and join other players in deadly weekly challenges.


Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

Futurama is one of the funniest in the Android games world with a lot of customization options to create your own battle, city and control the story as you want because it is your game and you are the creator. It features 8-bit fighting, space travel, funny outfits, customization of characters, funny dialogue, select your own crew to travel the space, collect artifacts and more…


Lords Mobile

Unleash your strategy skill with Lords Mobile Android game, a real-time strategy mobile MMO game. Explore the magical land, terrifying monsters, and powerful enemies. Lead the war and build your own empire.  It features Open-World Mobile Game, Powerful Heroes, Strategies, Animated Battles, Beautiful 3D graphics, Switching Kingdoms and more…


Dancing Line

Dancing Line Android game concept is unique but simple, the player need guide the running by showing the presence of his/her mind. The game is crafted with fast-paced gameplay and the selected soundtrack to create an experience. It features multiple environments, multiple levels with different difficulty, one finger touch control and music pattern that guides you.


Dragon Project

Dragon Project, a full action and hunting massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG. Finish the enemies by forging powerful weapons and gathering the allies to battle together in real time with co-op multiplayer. It features thousands of weapon and armor, 5 weapon types Sword & Shield, Spear, Great Sword, Bow, Dual Blades and more…

Dragon Project best android games


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