11 Best free Action Games on Google Play Store for Android

There is a wide category of games in the Google Play Store, action games being one of them. Now, action games are no doubt one of the most popular and favourite categories of many gamers across the globe. Still, there is a huge number of action games and this number is only increasing every month as lots of new games are being added frequently. So, today I have come up with this article, and here I have included the best available games of this category. Now without any further delay let us start the discussion.

Play 2019’s best action games before 2020

Here is the list of some top action games for Android smartphone and tablets at the end of 2019 and before the arrival of 2020:

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most anticipated action Android games is here to play while adieu 2019 and welcoming 2020. The 1.4 GB game from Activision Publishing is a beast indeed. It is a complete bliss for all the action gamers out there, and not only for them but instead, it is also a must download for all the gaming geeks and the occasional gamers. The online 5*5 multiplayer mode is amazing and you are sure to get addicted to it, scary zombies, 100 player battle royale, and sniper versus sniper just add fuel to the fire. The audio quality is mesmerizing and the graphics are just stunning. It seems as you are playing in real life thanks to the big size of the game. And yes you do need a good quality smartphone with enough memory to enjoy this game at its best, as it might show certain lags and quality issues in the old or low prices smartphones. The in-app purchases range from 79 to 7900 rupees and you can purchase them if you enjoy playing the free version.


PUBG Mobile

Another best action game for Android prevailed in 2019 and for sure not going to underestimate in 2020 is PUBG Mobile. This is 1.9 GB game and it is a tough challenger to none other than Call of Duty: Mobile. Unlike COD, it has 4*4 online multiplayer game mode, 100 gamers battle, zombie modes and the only way to win is to remain the last man standing. It is also quite an addictive game, and few states in India had also banned it for the same reason. It offers awesome sound quality, the graphics are also superb and give you a thrilling experience.

You can chat with your teammates while you are playing the multiplayer battle to discuss strategy or last-minute tips. The in-app purchases range from 35 to 16300 rupees and the kind of game it is, no one can say you might end up shelling your moolah for it. Last but not least, it is also a big sized game and will eat up a heavy memory on your phone so make sure your phone is of big memory and also of good quality.


Mortal Kombat action game

One of the cruellest and merciless action games for Android of all time is here. Warner Bros comes with this GB sized masterpiece. You just need to assemble your team of 3 elite warriors and then take on the enemy roster. Every time you defeat your enemies, it is a moment of both joy as well as pain for you, didn’t get me? Well, joy because you emerge victorious and pain because every victory of yours opens the door for the next challenge and the level of difficulty is only increasing and that too by a great extent. Furthermore, you can add over 130 fierce and emotionless warriors in your roster and feel proud. There are new weekly challenges, daily challenges, online multiplayer mode, and so on. The graphics are jaw-dropping and you are sure to fall in love with them. Moreover, your smartphone must have at least 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of memory space for you to enjoy this game without any major issues. The in-app purchases range from 140 to 8500 rupees. And yeah do make sure that you are grown up before you download it, as it contains extreme violence.


War Robots. 6v6 Tactical Multiplayer Battles

Pixonic is the creator of this 640 MB sized game and it is just flawless. You can choose from a set of over 50 giant robots and then just start the show. One of the most amazing things about it is that you can choose what role you want to play here? You can be either the hero or the villain, you can destroy or else protect, it’s all up to you, isn’t it cool? You can also customise your robot and then take on various missions and challenges, and also challenge your friends, enemies or any other real random player in the online multiplayer mode and beat the hell out of them. You can anytime fight in the arena as a one robot army. The in-app purchases range from 45 to 8600 rupees. Coming to the graphics quality, there are good and attention grabbers.



This is the game of Indian Air Force and it is very special to all of the Indians. It is of 350 MB and is offered by Threye-Military Games. You can true your dream of being a pilot of a fighter jet, and wait not any ordinary fighter jet pilot, but the pilot of the prestigious IAF. You will be guided by on-screen instructions on how to fly the jet and then how to target and destroy the enemies before you become ready for deadly missions. So after you are done practising, it’s definitely the showtime. Just like our IAF pilots all you need to do is protect our motherland and eliminate any kind of threat that you notice.


Dead Trigger 2- Zombie Shooter FPS

One of the most sought after shooting action games for Android phones and tablets is here, are you ready to enter in an arena where your only chance of survival is by killing others and making sure that you are far and safe from the deadly zone. This 550 MB sized game from Madfingers is just going to blow your mind. Well in this game you are more or less a kind of sniper but wait not a normal sniper but the one whose duty is to eliminate all the zombies and monsters, who are if not killed then they are sure to end the entire humanity in our Earth.

You get to choose from over 50 crazy weapons and the level of difficulty only increases with every level. The audio quality and the graphics are all thrilling and encourage you to leave all your stuff aside and just get lost into this zombie hunting game. The in-app purchases range from 60 to 3400 rupees. Furthermore, once you start playing the game there are many things you will definitely like so just try a shot.


Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS action game

This 519 MB monster from Critical force Ltd is another strong contender in this battle of supremacy. It has a lot to offer to you, you can play any of the three challenging modes of gameplay. The first one is the Defuse, where two teams fight each other to grab the throne. The first team plants a bomb and make sure it is not defused and the other team has to defuse it. Now you need to choose in which team you want to be and then achieve the desired goal and defeat another team. The second mode of gameplay is Team Deathmatch, where again two teams are placed against each other and you have to kill all opponents within the time and the last team standing wins this game. The last mode is the Gun game, in which again two teams are facing each other but here you have the liberty to move and kill as per your wish and finally emerge as the last man standing for your team. The graphics are also cool and the audio quality is good, all these will only tempt you to play more and more. The in-app purchases range from 75 to 3730 rupees.


Shadow Fight 2

Well, I know you might be thinking that what is this game doing in this list when the 3rd version of this game is already doing well in the Google Play store. The answer is pretty simple, I have found this 2nd version of Shadow fight better than the 3rd version so I have included it in the list. This 146 MB sized game from Nekki is awesome from every angle. You get to fight in the exotic locations while stylish music plays in the background and all you have to do is kill the opponent mercilessly because if you don’t then you will end up being killed. You get to choose from a large number of ancient weapons and crush all your enemies and then face the boss and destroy them. You get to witness 6 different worlds and a journey filled with adrenaline rushing storyline is all set to give you goosebumps. The in-app purchases range from 15 to 3350.


WWE Mayhem

Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) offers this 774 MB sized piece. It is good news for all the WWE lovers and no doubt there is an ocean of WWE fans all around the globe. In this one of the best action games, you can true your dream and play as your favourite WWE superstar and best the opponents. All the biggest superstars are included in this game. You can play as John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Kane, Steve Austin, Batista, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and many more. You can also fight with the real moves of your superstar and perform the famous finishing moves and feel as you are doing so in real life, thanks to the wonderful graphics of this game. The in-app purchases range from 30 to 12800 rupees.


Deer hunter Classic

The 85 MB sized game from Glu is something that you should download and try right now. Well, first of all, let me tell you that I don’t support any kind of animal hunting or killing, they are also as valuable as human beings in each and every way, right from the smallest living worm to the gigantic whales, this is only a game which I have included in this article due to its striking features. You can hunt from over 100 species of wild animals in it, hunting of deer is just the starting or perhaps the gateway of more wild animals like wolves, bears, cheetahs, and many more. In order to survive, you must kill all those animals or else you will end up being their food.  The in-app purchases range from 79 to 7900 rupees and might end up buying them if you fall in love with it.



Garena Free Fire: Spooky Night

It is somewhat similar to one of the top Android action games app that is PUBG but has its own set of features and one of the most striking differences between them is the size, it is almost one-fourth of the size of PUBG. This is a nice game from Garena International having a size of 466 MB. The game begins with you along with 49 other players jumping down from a parachute in this 10 minutes survival quest. You can drive in the cars and explore the entire area, grab all the weapons you find, find a safe hiding place and most importantly, kill all the other people before they kill you and remain the last man standing in this 10 minutes challenge, once you start the game this 10 minutes will seem like hours for you where every second you have to fight for your survival. The stunning graphics just add more spices to your meal. The in-app purchases range from 10 to 9000 rupees.


Therefore, these are the 11 best action games available on the android currently and you can download the one which is best for you. After going through this article, you will find the game that is perfect for you, just download it and start playing and emerge triumphant in this battle of supremacy and survival. Now, I end this article, I hope you found this article useful for you.

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