Top 7 Sports Games for Android mobile on the Google Play Store

Here are some best sports games available for Android to test your skill on smartphone or tablet while having a great fun and time pass.

There is a vast variety of categories available in the gaming option of our Google Play store and even inside each category, there is an ocean of games available. We all love playing games, some of us play it to pass our time, while some play it as a stress buster, some play it just for the sake of playing and there are others who happen to be hardcore gamers. But in the end, we all just play these wonderful games. So today I have come up with the best available sports games in the Google Play store currently. Therefore, without any delay and debate, let us start the discussion.

Below are the best sports games apps:

Archery Master 3D

This 23 MB sized sports game for Android from Terran-Droid is perhaps the best archery game and one of the best sports games out there. It gives you a real life-like experience with some of the best in class graphics. You get to play in four mesmerizing locations which are – Pine forest, archery field, deadly desert and rainforest. You get to choose from over 20 deadly archery equipment. There are over 100 challenging levels in this game.

Best sports game for Android mobile

Furthermore, you can also compete with real players online in the multiplayer mode, so get ready to kick some of the best archers around the globe. One of the best features about this app is that it comes packed with so much and that too at such a small size. The in-app purchases range from 40 to 6000 rupees but you don’t need to buy them unless you get absorbed in the game.


Badminton Legend

Developed by Enjoy sports games for Android comes up with this 21 MB size game for you. Badminton is one of the most enjoyed sports in the world and now you can play it seamlessly in your smartphone too using this app. The amazing graphics and stunning sounds of badminton shots will make you feel like playing the game in reality. You can customise your player as per your wish.

Badminton Legend sports game for smartphones

You can first learn, then practise, then master and finally go on to challenge the best one to proclaim your supremacy. But wait, didn’t I tell you the best thing about it? This game has no in-app purchase and comes absolutely free. So, start playing.


Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

This is indeed a different kind of football game. This 52 MB size game from allows you to enjoy it in multiple modes. You can go on to challenge any real-time player around the globe through it or play the career mode and establish your empire. You can also play free kick modes where you can enjoy it and at the same time improve your skills. The in-app purchases arrange from 32 to 6771 and believe me if you happen to be a real-life football lover and play it regularly then you are surely going to make those purchases.


8 Ball Pool again comes with this 58 MB size Sports Android game. It is perhaps one of the most popular games all around the world. You can simply play 1 on 1 matches with your friends or any random player around the world; it is the best means to eliminate and destroy all your friends and foes. One can also play the career mode in which you start from zero and then it all depends on you whether you can become a hero or not.

We can challenge your friends any time you want and compete against them. Also every time you beat your opponent you get to level up and this process continues. The in-app purchases range from 10 to 6771 and are careful, you might end up making them after you start playing it.


Carrom Pool comes for the third time in the list and this time with this 26 MB size game. Carroll still remains one of the most popular and favourite indoor sports game and we all love playing it. This game supports both online and offline playing mode. On the line playing mode, you can challenge all the real players all over the earth. It offers some of the cool graphics which add more feathers to its fame. The arenas in which you play your match are also very beautiful and worth mentioning. Overall, it is a nice game and you should definitely try it.


Tennis Clash: 3D Sports – Free Multiplayer Games

One of the best tennis games from Wildlife studios having a size of 130 MB is all set to make you thrilled. It contains breathtaking graphics and stunning sound quality every time you serve or counter an opponent’s killer shots. You can challenge everyone right from your friend, for, or any other random person that lives on our planet to match and then beat him mercilessly. The controls of this game are also simple but you need to practice a lot to control them fully.

Tennis Clash 3D Sports – Free Multiplayer Games

You get to feel like you are a professional player out there as it contains some of the real-life tournaments including the prestigious grand slams of tennis.  The in-app purchases range from 80 to 8000 rupees, though they are not necessarily still if you unknowingly fall in life with it, then you might make them.


Golf Master 3D

Doodle mobile limited, the maker of this 46 MB sized Sports Android game have come up with something which can be called awesome. If you happen to like golf, then it is going to be complete bliss. But if you don’t happen to know much about golf in real life, still you can fall for it once you start playing this beauty. The first thing which is going to attract you is the jaw-dropping graphics of the game. The sound of the shots is also superb. The controls of the game are also normal and you can master them by practising regularly.

Golf Master 3D

You can compete and play in tournaments around the globe and emerge victorious after a lot of practice. One can also challenge real players around the globe and conquer them all. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 8100 and again be careful you might end up being a bit poor if you play it a lot.


Therefore, these are the 7 best sports games that are currently available in the Google Play store. And after going through this article you might have found your favourite one. So, what is stopping you? Just download your favourite game and start playing.

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