Top 5 features that should be in Upcoming Valorant in 2020

Since the launch of Valorant Closed Beta, it has been rocking the gaming industry. Even in the closed beta, Valorant got more than 3 million live players and around 500 million view hours over streams, if you count YouTube streams then the viewing time would be around 700 million hours, insane right? Since the launch of Valorant open beta, every interested player is playing it and the player count reached more than 24 million within the first week. Almost all the Counter-Strike players around the world giving Valorant a try, apart from other competitive players from PUBG, Fortnite, Apex, DOTA, LOL, Overwatch, etc. Even many regular CS GO, PUBG, or Call of Duty Warzone streamers shifted to Valorant streams full time, many others are doing part-time Valorant streams as the viewers are interested as well, as the game already looks good. Even the developer’s Riot Games already declared a Valorant invitational tournament at the international level with a 20 million dollar prize pool. Riot Games also expressed that they are working on the features of Open Tournaments also, where anyone can join like DOTA Open tournaments.

As we can see new updates downloading while starting the game almost every day, there are still some very important features that are not yet present in the game. So, in this article, I am going to discuss some of the needed but yet to be added features for Valorant. As the developers are working hard with the game and also they got a very good initial response since the launch of Valorant closed beta, so they are definitely going to work on these missing features for sure.

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Top 5 features that should be in Upcoming Valorant in 2020

Top Expected Upcoming new features of Valorant in 2020

1. Public Deathmatch

As of right now, Valorant has only one PvP game mode which is the Spike Mode, where you have to either plant or defuse the spike. No matter whether you are playing Unrated or Spike Rush mode, it is the same. Apart from the Spike mode and the very good training mode, there are no other modes included in the game. The training mode is quite good actually, however, it is only one way to play the PvP matches. Valorant desperately needed a free-for-all Deathmatch, where players not only can enjoy without doing teamwork but also can hone their personal skills in Valorant gameplay.

  • The Devs have already notified that a Public Deathmatch is on its way, so it is just time that we are waiting for. After the release of a free-for-all Deathmatch mode, this game is going to be more engaging and more promising for sure. I am really very excited about seeing how the Deathmatch performs, where many other players like me would be practicing a lot for achieving higher-level skills.
  • Also reportedly Riot is going to introduce a ranking system for the FFA (free for all) servers which will give Valorant an edge over other competitors. Also, speculations over various posts and threads are saying that a Headshot-Only and a Pistol-Only mode would be introduced under the FFA servers DM modes, which definitely take Valorant to another level.

2. Deathcam System

According to many online polls around many community threads and forums, almost 25% of the active players voted for having a Deathcam System (an after-death replay system), so that they can point out their own mistakes or opponents tricks to improve their own gameplay.

  • Even the Spectating system in Valorant still needs to be upgraded hugely and many features are missing there too. But, if they Riot Games develop a full-proof Deathcam System like Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends then problems of Spectator modes would be solved automatically.
  • A good Death Replay system not only good for players’ improvements but also ensures players’ satisfaction, which in turn boosts up players’ confidence and reliability on the game. It will be helpful to prevail long term loyalty of the players.

3. A Revised Economy System for buying Guns in Game

According to my experience, the Valorant Gun Buying Economy is actually the biggest flaw that is present in the game. As all the guns have a different price tag, but all the gun has the same amount of kill bonus which is 200 units. According to this bonus system, if a team is trailing and lost a couple of back to back rounds, then they would have left credentials worth of buying handguns or shotguns only. There is no strategy that can be used Economically to make a retaliation and come in the game. Unlike CS GO, all the guns granting 200 units as kill bonus makes the growth of your economy so week that in the late game, in most rounds you would be playing with inferior weapons forcefully.

  • In CS GO the units earned depends from gun to gun, which makes it possible to earn more money by killing opponents with inferior guns, for which players would use inferior guns by choice and would be able to save enough to make come back with powerful guns if a couple of rounds did not end up well. The money earned in CS GO varies from 100 to 1500 depending upon guns. For example, killing mid-range enemies with Shotgun is quite hard, but if you are managed to do so CS GO would grant you 900 units where Valorant would grant only 200. Pistol kills are even more difficult in both of these games, where CS GO would grant you 1500 units but Valorant would grant you just 200 even after the harder achievement.
  • To ensure a good late-game strategy and a good option for a comeback for the trailing team, a revised Economy System must be introduced. I would rather advise the devs to get inspiration from the CS GO economy system for better results. If you are new to these type of games, then you may not understand my view clearly, but if you are an experienced Counter-Strike player, then you have got my point clearly for sure.

4. Allow Solo Players in Rated Match through Random Party

As of now you can not play ranked matches being a Solo player, you need to be in a crew in order to play a ranked match. This system needs to update, where a single player can join a random party so that they can play together in the match. As we know, all the time having a group of five players available is not very common, because of which it becomes troublesome playing ranked matches. For example, I am playing Valorant since the launch of Open Beta on 2nd June 2020 but till the date publishes of this article I am unable to play any Ranked matches, as I do not have enough friends playing Valorant.

  • Hence to make all the players able to play the Rank matches, the devs need to introduce a revised system, so that the Solo players or Duo players can join the random parties and can play Ranked matches.
  • Also, a Solo vs Solo and a Duo vs Duo mode would be appreciated by many players. May the 1vs or 2v2 matches be unranked, but it will provide a fun, more game modes, and more ways to practice and improve your skills. Therefore, the Valorant developers should start thinking about the Solo players and the Duo groups more seriously that will give better opportunities to play Valorant and stick with it.

5. In-Game Open Rated Tournaments

The most important aspect for any PvP and Competitive game is the opportunity for all the players to play in competitions and Events. As for playing in Pro competitions and official events, not only let new players come to limelight but also many players start thinking about being a full-time professional gamer.

As becoming a professional player would bring your fame, money, and a probable career, that is why many players are interested in such competitions. Hence, to engage all the players, and to evolve the new upcoming players using Valorant’s own platform, Riot Games should consider developing such Open but Rated Tournaments for all the players around the world.

  • Just like DOTA 2 or LOL (also made by Riot Games) where you can play ranked matches to earn points and improve ranking. Using points and ranking you can play the qualifiers rounds for upcoming tournaments and can directly participate in each season of Open Official Rated Tournaments to compete at the global level. For such opportunities, you do not need to be recognized by any brand, or you do not need to be a live streamer or content creator or you do not even need to be a member of a professional gaming team/clan.
  • Such features would not only make Valorant a better game for competition but also it would develop itself as a platform for upcoming players where they can get the first hope of becoming a full-time, professional player. This way Valorant can become a beacon of light for many gamers. Also, such an amount of engagement would make it a stop for a huge amount of serious players around the world, in turn, it would secure a very long term future of the game.


Apart from the Public Deathmatch feature none of the others have been officially declared as an official ongoing project. But I have discussed the points as I felt it by myself that the Valorant has a huge potential with very few shortcomings, and if the shortcoming been worked out correctly, then Valorant can become the next Counter-Strike or DOTA 2 or LOL in the list of the pro gaming. Especially where the gaming industry is expanding in a rapid rate and the no of players are also expanding at a furious rate, the demand for becoming a full-time professional player is also increasing, and the Valorant has such potential to fulfill most of those demands, that is why I have high hopes from Riot Games. Bye for now, keep gaming, keep enjoying.

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