Fortnite Advanced Guide for Building Mechanics

Advanced Fortnite Building Mechanics Guide for Beginners- Series #2

Fortnite Advanced Guide for Building Mechanics

As Fortnite is one of the most popular games around in the Battle Royal genre, just learning the basics is not enough. To play at a decent level, so that you do not die like a noob, you must learn many other advance tricks and mechanics. In order to survive any fight in Fortnite, building covers are the most important factor. Actually, in Fortnite building cover and defending yourself comes first and shooting your enemy comes in second place, though it is shooting game.

However, I hope you have gone through the first article of this Fortnite series for beginners, where I have discussed why you should play Fortnite and how to master all the beginner’s staff in the game. If you have not read that article, then I would suggest giving that article a quick look, as even the masters need to hone the basics again and again. Now, in this article, I would be talking about various advanced tips & tricks of Fortnite building mechanics and positioning. Go through the article in full, even if you are a veteran player, you may learn something new.

Fortnite Building and Positioning Techniques

Try to make a habit of taking a building cover at the same second you are shot. Don’t even try to check the situation immediately, like from where the shots are coming from and how many players are chasing you. But start building cover and try to cover yourself from all the sides, and then try to assess the situation around you. If you do not get inside a cover, you may get lasered by your enemy’s spray fire, as well while you are not building a cover, your enemies will spot that and may gain confidence because of your noob move.

Never stop moving, no matter what, do not be lazy in the game. It is not a pro tip Fortnite only, but for any competitive game, as we all know that hitting a moving target is much more difficult. When assessing the situation from a high spot or observing and enemy’s movement from distance, keep moving by pressing the movement button, by doing so you would be dodging a countless number of headshots attempts on you. Also, to become a pro player in Fortnite, you have to make a habit of running and jumping all the games, even while shooting.

Don’t go for a foolish push towards the enemy if you have the positional advantage, or you are at a safe and higher ground. Wait for the enemy to make the mistake, so that they start building ramps and pushing towards you, and gives you an opening. But, in such cases, many of your enemies would run away from you and will be trying something different from a safe distance, like sniping or flanking you.

Learn to use the Head-Glitching through the built covers (where you can hide behind a cover on a ramp in a way so that only the top of your head is visible to the enemy in front but not the gun, but you still can shoot at enemies through the cover) for you advantage, where you can tempt your enemies to come in open to shoot you and instead you kill them with a snipe or spray attack. But, also stay extremely cautious from the third-party attack from other sides and also letting your enemy see your head, may result in a well-placed snipe headshot on you as well, which kills you instantly, so even at those situations keep moving.

Stay safe from the campers, as you may have become a good player by now, but landing at a hot zone may make you confused anytime while you start getting shot from different sides, also there are many players who just land get a basic loot and hide. Those campers are actually not good players, but they are hidden killers, as they will attack you with all the got, where you least expect them to be. To avoid such situations and to avoid such early deaths in Fortnite, go for a quiet place or open place while landing. In Fortnite, unlike PUBG there are a very good amount of loots everywhere throughout the map. So, go in places like So landing in a perfect spot like Frenzy Farm or Salty Springs or even going for an unnamed location with one or two broken houses is a very good choice, so that you can start the game staying low and quiet.

It is very important to learn and practice building a zig-zag base even when under fight in order to become a very good player. By looking at such building techniques one can easily separate a pro player from a bunch of beginners. The zig-zag base is not only strong enough to provide you cover from all sides, especially whey or enemy is trying to break the base of yours, also the zig-zag base formation in Fortnite protects you from the grenades and third-party flank shots. To do so, first, you have to put up a wall, then add a ramp behind it and repeat as many times as you need to. This kind of build is very effective, especially when you want to run away from a fight. It will let you hide will make you difficult to spot, in-process your enemies will be wasting their ammo and time which is good for you.

Use the windows tactically. Use the windows to spot enemies from inside a building without exposing yourself, and try to hit them hard with a good spray or snipe if you are certain about the kill, else just let them pass. Also, you can use the windows while healing, so that you can heal and observe enemy movements outside at the same time.

Master the box building. Mastering the box cover building is very essential n order to become a good builder in the Fortnite. In Fortnite the while you get to shoot from on side or multiple sides, or you may be in an exposed position, where you may get shot anytime, Box cover building is very important. Box covers are even more important at the late game, in order to move from your safe location towards the zone in between a gunfight. So, practice putting a wall in front and by not releasing the mouse button, just do a 360 swipe so four walls come up at for side of yours. Afterward, you can use a ramp to climb up even more and can repeat the box build at a higher level as well and you can keep doing that until you are satisfied. Also, you can put a roof over to lock yourself in the box and heal or wait for the right moment.

Master Roof base box building method. Many of the new players also got quite habituated with the cover buildings in the Fortnite very quickly. Also, there are many players who mainly use button spamming in order to make some gibberish build and to run away from a fight. But none of these kinds of players are actually a pro builder in Fortnite, as in order to do that you need to learn the specific type of cover building and also you need to learn well the editing techniques. Most of the new players do learn to build but what they build is quite simple and provides basic cover, but not good for an aggressive playstyle or retaliating to the enemies. Try to master the Roof Base box building method at the start, as this kind of builds is even better in terms of providing cover. Building a floor above your head and putting a Pyramid on top of that, makes your Box harder to penetrate from the top, as most probably the enemy is going to attack you from the top.

Learn to switch the building materials quickly. This may seem to be a bit overdoing, but switching between the different types of building materials (Wood, Stone, Metal) can provide you an extra edge in build fights. As in many build fights enemy would be trying to destroy your build with spray fire. Using wooden walls outside would make their job even easier, but if you make the outer walls with Stones or metal, not only it will be harder to break, but also your enemy will have to think twice before he starts wasting his ammo. You can use wood to make the inner ramps and floors, but to use the right material at the right place will require a lot of practice on switching the material, in between a build and in between a fight.

Use the natural covers also. Though every cover in Fortnite can be broken, you can still use natural covers like building walls, trees, rocks, etc. for taking cover quickly and at the early stages of the game. The natural covers are actually even stronger than any of your build walls. So, using them tactically can make a difference. Also, you can use the ridges of the hills, as doing it would be harder to spot you and you will also have much more room to move freely. Many times, snipping from behind the edges do provide good result in Fortnite.

Build a Ramp always before shooting. Even if you are at an advantageous position or your enemy is already low on health, always put a ramp in front of you, climb up and shoot from there, as it will provide you a half body cover by default, also it will be easier to come back to cover even quicker than building one if anything goes sidewise. Also, climbing a ramp provides you a little more height advantage and if you crouch as well on that ramp, then your spray fire accuracy can improve up to 50% instantly.

Learn to build a Tunnel under pressure. Now things are getting even harder, but it is a very-very-very important thing to learn in Fortnite. If you make it to the last circles in-game often, then in order to survive those intense fights, when only good players alive and fighting for the top, building a tunnel and moving through it towards the zone is the only way sometimes. As, at the end when it becomes a zoning fight, getting into the safe zone can be very hard, as the players already in the safe zone will keep pushing you outside so that you do not make it to the zone. In order to avoid that kind of situation, you have to learn tunnel building methods, and also you have to be good at that, as the tunnels are often needed in the most extreme situations only.

Learn to edit your build at its best. This is the most important pro tip of all. Many players are there in the Fortnite who play the game continuously every day but do not know how to edit those builds properly under pressure. First of all, you have to clearly understand this thing, that instant box builds or wall building, zig-zag building and even tower buildings can save you from imminent attacks. Even you can use spam building to save yourself or to scare your enemy while pretending like a good builder, but in the end all these are going push your chance of survival in the game for a longer time, that’s it. This way you won’t be able to win games, without sheer luck, which is not going to happen often. Understand this that in the end, Fortnite is also a shooting game, where you have to kill your enemy in order to win the game. To do that you have to find or create openings while defending yourself from the incoming bullets at the same time.

You have to be fast and accurate in Building & Editing – You have to learn how to edit your builds and have to practice to be very fast in performing those. Where and when to put a window, or where to put a door. When and where to put a full ramp and where to edit that one to a narrow staircase. You need to learn how to use and edit the pyramid (most neglected but most versatile build shape) in the game so that you can find a correct opportunity or can create a moment of opening, where you can launch a lethal shotgun shot from close range. Else just by building and saving yourself or by pushing towards your enemy and jumping and whooping shots in order to kill him, might win a couple of war, but not the game for sure. Also, keep in mind that doing the perfect build and the edit at the perfect place when needed also requires IQ and presence of mind, else you may be ending up with making the wrong build and wrong editing moves at wrong situations, so play very cool headedly.

To learn the editing basic, I am attaching a couple of links of YouTube on that topic, also I advise practice the Mongraal Editing course to become truly better at building-editing and in whole Fortnite gameplay mechanics.

Link 1 for best and effective Building-Editing Guide – 

Link 2 for advanced Building-Editing Guide 

Couple other useful tips are:

  • Avoid mid-game fights.
  • Avoid foolish push in order to secure a free a kill.
  • Avoid securing a kill by finishing knocked down the enemy when your enemy’s teammates are alive.
  • If you are using Xbox or PS4, avoid playing cross-platform, as there you will end up with matching against many PC players, who will have the advantage of mouse movements, which drastically change the mechanics of Building and Editing in the game.


So, I concluding this article with the advice for the readers, to learn all the above-said tricks as early as possible, and practice them a lot. As you may be able to do all the edits in the Creative mode when you have no pressure, but you are learning them to perform them in the live game while you are in a fight and under immense pressure. So, practice a lot, and try to perform all the edits not only accurate but fast, let me rephrase as Blazing Fast, as the speed and accuracy of your building-editing, and the presence of mind of yours is the difference between winning and losing the game.

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