What is the difference between Chrome and Chrome Canary?

Google Chrome vs Canary Chrome

If you are a regular internet user and have a habit to try out different best browsers available online, then you might come across “Chrome Canary“. Now, what is that, and how is it different from Google Chrome?

You already know about Google Chrome browser, so before finding out the exact core difference between them, let’s find out-

What is Chrome Canary?

It just another variant of the Chrome browser that we use on PC and smartphones, developed by Google itself, mainly for developers or those who want to experience beta updates. Link to download Canary.

So, what is the exact difference?

The core difference between Google Chrome and Canary is the updates they receive.  Chrome is available in four release channels “Stable, beta, dev and canary”. The standard Chrome receives stable and tested updates while the Canary supplied with brand new updates for those who want to try out them. I mean the updates that are not even well tested by developers themselves.

Somewhat like the Windows 10 insider program that meant for developers to test the newly implemented updates before actual users use them.

In the same way, Chrome Canary gets new features and implements meant to test by the developer community. This lets them develop new web apps and websites compatible with Chrome’s upcoming functions and technology. Furthermore, on the basis of community feedback. the Chrome team improves and adds new functions to the stable version.

So, the core difference is Canary meant for Developers while the stable Chrome for standard internet users.

So, Should we make Chrome Canary my default browser?

Well, being a developer targeting browser, the Canary is always in beta stage and also quite unstable, thus, it is not recommended to make it as your default browser. And it could be buggy too. Therefore, if you set it as default browser that means syncing of password and other items could be there too, which would not be a wise idea.

Chrome Canary is mainly important for developers, therefore if you are into development then, of course, go ahead.