Valorant vs CSGO Head to Head Comparison Which one is Better?

Since the launch of the closed beta of the Riot Games’ Valorant, the game is receiving phenomenal attention from the gamers. The Twitch streams and the YouTube streams are catching a huge no. of views, that express the interest of the gamers around the world towards the newly launched game. As Valorant is much like Counter-Strike itself, so many of the players have already started various arguments on various online discussion threads throughout various gaming communities. In this article we will be comparing Counter-Strike with Valorant, to decide all the pros and cons for both of those games over each other. Many players are already calling the Valorant as a “CS Killer”.

So, after going through all the points in this article it will upon you decide whether Valorant is going to destroy the CS market or not. Also, regarding the points in this article, you will be able to decide, whether you should play Valorant over Counter-Strike or not.

Valorant vs Counter-Strike- Global Offensive
Valorant VS CS-GO

Valorant vs Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • As we know, Counter-Strike is like the baby of Valve, and they do provide their continuous support for the game and the communities. Just like that Riot has also targeted to turn the Valorant as their best creation. So, the developer support and community supports are going to be top-notch for Valorant. Hence you can report any issues related to the game, and it will be solved very quickly, as per the promises of the Riot Games. Thus, both games will get good support.
  • The low hardware requirement of the Valorant is a very strong point. As the game can run on 10-15 years old computers. Valorant can even run with the PCs which have Intel Pentium Dual-Core, Quad-Core Processors, or the AMD Athlon X2 processors. This makes Valorant a game for almost all the PCs in operation around all the regions of the world. Though the system requirement of Counter-Strike is also quite low, but not as low as the Valorant, and certainly, CS does not possess such good graphics like Valorant, due to CS is a very old game. So, here Valorant gets a point over the CS for sure.


  • The anti-cheat for Valorant is getting called as the best anti-cheat in service up to date, by the Devs of Riot Games. Especially when the CS v1.6 is very much cheater and hacker infested, and even the CS GO contains a huge no. of hackers and cheaters in the game. If there is some similar game providing the players, a hacker free environment, then it is going to be a plus point. So, Valorant is a rejoicing game for the players as there are no hackers in the game.
  • We all fell disheartened about any multiplayer game when we face high ping issues. As we all know high ping heavily affects the gameplay and the outcome. But Riot Games have promised through their official website, as this game is going to for all the PCs in the world, hence the server services are also going to be best for all the people in the world. Riot Games boasted that they are working on establishing server on every zone around the world, to ensure a 35ms ping for everyone. If Valorant meets this promise, then there is no other game in the world who can compete with Valorant, not at least in the matter of Ping, which is another plus point for the game.
  • Achieving 60+ FPS performance is going to be very easy with Valorant due to its low system requirements. So, while you are getting the combo of 60+ FPS performance with decent graphics and the 35ms ping all the time around the world, there is nothing more you can ask for from a multiplayer competitive game.
  • If you have modern PC setup powered with present gen Intel i5, i7 or AMD Ryzen processors, and also have a powerful GPU with that then achieving 144FPS with 1080p or 1440p resolution is going to be very easy. Which will be providing an extra edge for the enthusiast gamers.
  • On top of everything else, Valorant features the service of 128-tick servers, here Valve has completely failed to provide for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players with such infrastructure even at 2020. The 128-tick servers provide the smoothest possible gameplay experience for any competitive shooter game.
  • If we talk about the gameplay and the learning curves then Valorant is going to very easy to learn as the gameplay and the objectives are almost as same as the Counter-Strike. The buying phase at the starting of each round and planting bomb or defending sites are as same as it is in CS. So, if a player is thinking about switching from CS, then it will be quite easy for him to master the Valorant.
  • The gun patterns and the shooting mechanic is almost as identical to that of CS GO itself. Thus, the CS players can easily master the guns with a little bit of practice. It is being said by many Twitch streamers and pro players that the veteran CS players are going to possess an advantage over the other players at Valorant.
  • No worries if you are thinking about the esports opportunities with Valorant, as Riot Games is planning to compete with the Valve itself, to make their permanent place with Valorant, at the esports platforms for decades. As the Valorant is a very low-end system requiring game, even the College fests organizers and the University fest organizers even the local clubs would be able to organize Valorant competitions just like they do it with CS GO.


  • If you are bored with Counter-Strike because of its non-changing gameplay aspects for the last two decades, but you are not switching the game as you possess some serious skills in that game, then Valorant is the right choice for you, as it requires the same skills as CSGO and the same reflex. Along with that Valorant features 10 heroes with a different type of tactical abilities, which enhances the gameplay experience and removes the boredom of CS GO. The basic abilities and the ultimate abilities take this game to another level as you can plan and use your ultimate abilities strategically at the late games, to change the course of action, hence these abilities are bringing a different type of vibes, so another plus point to Valorant.
  • Some of the abilities are analogous with Counter-Strike like flashbangs, smoke grenades, and Molotovs etc. While some abilities are unique like Casting poison clouds, Healing, Teleporting, etc.
  • Even the weapon categories are the same in Valorant as of CS GO. There are six different categories of weapons, which are Sidearm, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers Rifles, and Heavy. The guns are almost same, for example in the sidearm category, the “Frenzy” is identical to the “CZ-75” in CS GO and the “Sheriff” is identical to the “Desert Eagle” in Counter-Strike, also the “Operator” is just like the “AWP” in CS GO.
  • The “Shields” in Valorant is same as the “Kevlar” in CS. The “Shields” are two types in Valorant i.e. “Light” & “Heavy,” which is just similar to the “Bare Kevlar” & “Kevlar with Helmet” in CS.


Valorant and Counter-Strike are indeed very similar overall, but both of them also have much uniqueness within them. So, if you have never played any of them before, then you should try both of them first before deciding which you like the most. But, if you are a veteran CS player, then Valorant is a good choice for you if you want to switch, or if you want to explore other games in the same genre.

I would even recommend the new payers to try Valorant over Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as Valorant is going to provide better services than Valve have been providing for CS.

Also, by choosing the Valorant they will have a good chance to learn the game well, as there are countless pro players are roaming in the CS Go servers, where learning the game would be a little difficult. Furthermore, by choosing the Valorant, the new players would be sparing themselves from dying on the hands of hackers and cheaters. Valorant is also a highly recommended game for the content creators and upcoming live streamers, as the market is new and fresh for this game.

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