WPS Office Suite review and can we replace Microsoft office with it?

When the debate arises which is the best alternative to the strong and iconic Microsoft Office, then WPS Office is one of the most relevant names that comes in our mind. As we know that in the world of technology nothing is static as everything has something special to offer and the one who innovates continuously and comes with something new and useful very often is the one that rises on the top of this game. WPS Office suite is free for personal usages and not an open source software like Libre or Apache office suite.

However, WPS software is no different, it has worked really hard to make its name in a segment which is ruled by Microsoft. So, now before we get deeper into the WPS office review, let me just tell you the steps involved for downloading this software.

WPS office suite installation on Windows
WPS office suite review

Download WPS Office

  1. First of all, you need to visit the following link- wps.com/download/.
  2. Then click on the download tab, the file is of approximately 147 MB size.
  3. Once the download is successfully over, just launch the setup and follow the simple on-screen wizard.
  4. Then select either all in one mode or multi-component mode, and after that, your software is ready for use.
  5. If you are on Linux then see WPS office install on Ubuntu & Kali Linux.
Pick which document you want to create on WPS office
Pick which document you want to create on WPS office

Once you launch the WPS office and start using it, then after some time, you will find it very simple and user friendly as the interface is very simple and user friendly.

It comes loaded with automatic spelling checks. And you get Spreadsheets, Writer, and Presentation in this beautiful programme and yes you can consider them to be replacing options for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint respectively.

Friendly user interface WPS
Friendly user interface WPS office

WPS Features:

Now, as of now, you might be thinking of some big reasons that might push you to shift to this program, as replacing Microsoft is not that easy, because it is perhaps the apex predator on its own. Therefore, let me highlight some of the astonishing features of the mighty WPS Office:

WPS features
features of the WPS Office
  • You can enjoy this free office suite in diverse Operating systems, like- Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, and as well as Android.
  • You have the liberty to install either one or all the three types of office applications.
  • The interface of WPS Office as I said earlier is very simple and easy.
  • The size of the installer is also not large.
  • With the Writer application of this programme, you can open each and every type of MS Word document.
  • The encryption of files is also supported here.
  • The same is the case with the applications of Presentations and Spreadsheets, which support each and everything that you will find on PowerPoint and Excel.
  • And you also get free templates for all the office programs.
  • One of the most advanced and distinguishing features of this monster is that it comes backed with automatic spelling check technology, which is absent on the MS Office, so it beats it straight in this department.

As we have understood about this software and the advantages that it has for us, now let us figure out some of the disadvantages of WPS Office:

  • You will have to manually check all the spelling mistakes made by you in Presentations and Spreadsheets as the automatic spelling check technology is absent there.
  • The options and features of free WPS office are not extensive like Microsoft office, however, no hard feeling againts it after all it is a free.
  • It supports a number of file formats and you cannot save in any other formats.
  • Though the file formats supported in WPS Office are many, when it comes to saving in some other format, then it is just not possible, yes, you can open files of other formats in most of the cases but cannot save it back in that very format. The formats supported here are:


WPS Office Suite Review Verdict

So, now the big question in your mind must be confusing you a lot and that very question is that which is better, Microsoft Office or WPS Office?

Well, the answer depends on the type of user you are, rather what you will be doing with your Office. In the case of Microsoft Office, it comes packed with many amazing programs, which include- note-taking applications, an email client, database, spreadsheet, presentation, word processor software, etc.

On the other hand, WPS Office suite does not support all these stuff, but we also cannot deny the fact that the three applications that WPS Office has to offer, namely- Presentation, Spreadsheets, and Writer are somewhat very close or even better in many cases as compared to the Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word respectively, because of the fact that the interface used here is much simple and user friendly and you will definitely fall in love with it.

WPS office suite review verdict

Therefore, in simple words, I can suggest that Microsoft has a lot of stuff to offer, and also it is perhaps the most favourite and trusted brand ever, so it is quite difficult to replace it, but we can do one thing, which is using both the document creation software in a kind of hybrid atmosphere. This best thing it is available for Linux operating systems for both Debian and RPM-based while Microsoft office is not. Thus, you definitely can go for the WPS Office for the three applications that it has to offer for free and also can continue using MS Office for all the rest of stuff if you are on Windows and already have purchased any version of it, and make the best use of both of them.

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  1. Microsoft and most trusted in the same sentenance? People use it because they use it in the office and don’t know anything different. Many corporations are switching to LibreOffice. I see no reason NOT to use Libre and can’t understand why Microsoft still has such a stronghold in Corporate America. Many other countries wouldn’t even allow anything Microsoft or Apple on their citizen’s computers. They would not allow their currency to be circulated in America. Most corporations have Linux servers at the very least for web and file servers. They’re already familiar with it, and are converting more servers. Some have tested Linux on their desktops as well, with overwhelmingly positive results. Microsoft code is too buggy, wide open to virus and malware attacks, ridiculously expensive… I could go on. I still predict their demise is imminent. WPS Office is a suitable replacement, but LibreOffice is where everyone is headed. I converted years ago and never looked back. If it doesn’t work on Linux, it doesn’t work on any of my systems, and I don’t need it. Today’s open-source alternatives are better, more secure, faster, free… I could go on again. I should also note I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I support their junk for a living. Compaired to the alternatives, well there is no comparison. Open-source wins hands down. Sorry WPS. I’ll admit, you do have a nice interface, but not open-source, not for me.


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