Convert VMware Workstation Pro Virtual machine to use in VirtualBox

Learn how to convert and use an existing Vmware Workstation pro virtual machine (VM) in Oracle VirtualBox by exporting it in OVF format.   

To create and deal with virtual machines you might depend upon Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Pro, which are the two most popular cross-platform virtual machine managers available out there. Even though you might be comfortable on one of the two most popular virtualization platforms or any other popular virtualization platform, it sometimes becomes necessary to switch to a different virtual machine platform, for example from VirtualBox to VMware Workstation or vice versa. 

In this tutorial, we will talk about, how you can switch VMs from VMware Workstation Pro to Oracle VirtualBox so that you can use a virtual machine created using VMware workstation on VirtualBox.

Steps to Convert VMware Workstation Pro VM to use in VirtualBox

1: Export VMware Workstation Pro Virtual Machine to OVF

Open VMware Workstation Pro, and click on the virtual machine that you want to virtualize, in a new VMware tab. After that, click on ‘File’, and then click on ‘Export to OVF…’.

Export VMware Workstation Pro Virtual Machine to OVF

2. Save the OVF File

Choose the location where you want to keep the converted virtual machine, give it a name, and click on ‘Save’.

Save converted virtual machine

The export or conversion process will immediately start, and just like in the previous case, it might take several minutes, depending upon the size of the virtual hard drives.

Convert VM on Vmware workstation player to use OVF

After it is completed, you should find the converted virtual machine in the desired location.

3. Open VirtualBox

Once you have exported your Virtual machine from VMware player workstation pro, next open your Oracle Virtualbox running on Windows, macOS, or Linux. 

4. Import Appliance (OVF) to Oracle VirtualBox

On Oracle VirtualBox, click on ‘File’, and then on ‘Import Appliance…’. You can alternatively use the ‘Ctrl+I’ shortcut key.

Import Appliance on Oracle Virtual Box

Now, click on the small browse icon, and locate the ‘OVF’ file on your system. Now, click on ‘Next’. You can even click on ‘Expert Mode’ to change some advanced settings.

OVF file on your system

5. Vmware Virtual machine in VirtualBox

All the details about the virtual machine will be displayed to you. You can choose the location, where you want to keep the virtual machine, by clicking on the small browse icon. After you have reviewed the information, and have made the necessary configuration about where you want to save it, click on ‘Import’.

import Oracle virtual box virtual machine to VMware workstation

Now the import will start, and will again take some time for completion.

Convert vmware virtual machinto use in virtualbox

6. Start Vmware VM in Oracle VirtualBox 

After the import is over, you can find the virtual machine in the list of the virtual machines that are available within Oracle VirtualBox. For me, the name is ‘VM’. If the name isn’t good enough, you can definitely change it, as per your requirements.

Open and import OVF appliance to VMWARE player

Now, you can open the virtual machine, and it should work perfectly. You might come across certain warnings and errors, but most can be easily ignored. 

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