How to change Microsoft Word from dark mode to light mode

If your Windows 10 or 11 using the Dark theme then Microsoft Word would also apply the Black theme to the whole Interface of the office suite; which includes Excel, Powerpoint, and more… However, those who don’t want it can turn off the Dark mode to change it to Light mode in Word without setting anything in the Windows system’s Themes.

But now the question rises how to do that? Well, it is very simple, the users just need to Activate a White or Colorful Theme in Microsoft Word. Whereas, there are many users who just want their Word options ribbon to be in Dark mode while the document page color is still White; don’t worry that can also be done by simply tweaking the “Options” setting in MS Word. Let’s see step by step how to do all this…

Steps to Turn Off Dark Mode in Microsoft Word

The steps given here are not just limited to Microsoft Word, we can use them for Powerpoint, Excel, and Access.

1. Open Mircosoft Word

To change the dark mode into the light mode, we have to access the Word application. Therefore, go to your Windows 10 or 11’s search box and type Word. As its icon appears, click the same to open the application.

Launch Word in Windows 11 or 10

2.  Access MS Word Account Option

Now, click on the “File” menu. A pop-up window will slide from the left side with lots of options.

Select and open File Menu in MS Word

There, go to Account and click to open it as shown in the screenshot.

Go to Accounts Option

3. Change the Office Theme from Dark grey to White

This is the key step, where we are going to perform the main settings of changing the Microsoft Office Theme. As you open the Accounts Setting, there will be an “Office Themes” option on the right side page. Go to that and click on the Drop-Down box. There are a couple of options related to themes, however, for light mode, you can select “White“. Also, those who don’t want a complete White interface even on the Office Menu ribbon can go for the “Colorful” Theme that will give color to the Ribbon or Menu bar.

Change the Office Theme from Dark grey to White

4. Document Color White and Word in Dark Mode

Never Change the Document page color: For those who want the Document page color in Microsoft Word to remain in White color while the rest of the Word is in Dark color mode then that is also possible.

For that again go to File Menu but this time instead of Accounts, select Options.

Select and open File Menu in MS Word
Open Word Options

On the Options Window, click on the General to reveal further available settings. There go to the “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” section and in the front of “Office Theme” select Dark grey from the drop-down and check the box given for Never Change the Document page color. After that click on the OK button to save the settings.

Never Change the Document page color

Now, you can open a new document where the page will remain White while the rest of the MS Office will follow the Dark mode color.

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