Enable & Start Facebook Messenger secret conversation on Android

The feature of secret conversation in Facebook messenger is very much safe and secure which you can use for chatting to someone privately within the app. No one can see it apart from the sender and receiver as the feature is end-to-end encrypted. The process to enable and use it is very easy.

Facebook is one of the major players in the world of social media. In fact, it helped the social media world to grow and evolve as one of the powerful mediums in the modern world. The old player of this digital world is very much accepted and popular around the world. You can use it for various purposes like sharing posts, photos, videos, live videos, etc. Even you can share anything on the messenger which is used for sending text messages and other files like photos, documents, or links.

It connects pretty much the whole world where you can access this platform. You can chat or call your family and friends in video or audio format from anywhere in the world as it connects you with your loved ones all the time. Even you can do a video conference if you ever needed to do it.

And apart from personal advantages, it has also impacted the professional world and businesses very much. Many businesses and big brands are using this platform to promote and grow their businesses with huge sales and profit. Small farms or start-ups are also benefiting from this platform as it allows you to showcase your brand to the whole world free of cost.

But, regardless of offering that many features and advantages, Facebook is always a concerning application when you think about the security of your data and activity. It is notorious for tracking all the web activity and data which might be very frustrating and risky for your own safety.

To ease the concern of getting your conversation tracked or leaked in some capacity you can use the secret conversation mode to send important and confidential messages. It is end-to-end encrypted and no one can see it other than the sender and receiver. You can see the message only from the devices you send and receive. Once the receiver sees it from the device it will disappear after 10 seconds. And the receiver cannot see from any other device in the future. The secretive nature of this feature is very unique within the platform and you can use it for your precious conversations.

Enable and start a Facebook secret conversation with anyone

  • Tap the Messenger app of Facebook from your smartphone.
  • The pencil icon will be visible in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap it.
  • Then in the upper right corner, click the Secret.
  • Now, you can start a secret conversation by selecting the user you want to chat with by using this feature.
  • The messages you would send will disappear after 10 seconds when the receiver sees them.
  • You can change the disappearing time by clicking the Clock icon beside the text box which you can use to change the disappearing time.

Enable Start Facebook Messenger secret conversation on Android

In this way, we can enable the secret conversation by selecting that pencil icon to start a conversation. Followed by selecting the user you want. There you would see START SECRET CONVERSATION option below your screen. Tap it to go to the Secret Conversations page where you can enable it.

Access existing Facebook Secret Conversation

If you want to see or access existing secret conversation you have done with any person or want to start a new one directly from an existing chat then here are the steps:

  • Select any existing Chat or friend whom you have done already a conversation.
  • Tap on I icon given on the top-right side
  • Select the option “Go to Secret Conversation”.

Start Secret conversation with exisitng facebook chat

The feature is very beneficial to connect with someone very privately using the Facebook Messenger application. So, use it if you feel the need for the same to avoid any unnecessary hamper of privacy.



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  1. As far as anonymity and security are concerned, this is only the Utopia Ecosystem. I’ve checked it more than once.


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