Best 10 MMA Apps for Android to learn Mix Martial Arts on your own

Mixed Martial Arts is relatively a new sport if you compare it with other traditional sports or combat sports. It is basically a combination of many forms of martial arts along with boxing and wrestling.

You can learn any form of martial arts or mix martial arts if you wish to learn the fighting form from the experts within the industry. You may now find many gyms or classes related to combat sports where you can enroll yourself to practice the art form.

But, if you do not locate any good MMA gym or school in your city or it is very far from your home then it might be tougher for you to access it. People who love this sport and want to learn it properly would be very disappointed to not have any MMA training centers in their locality.

For those people and the people who want to stay fit or learn the basic skills of it to defend themselves if needed can always seek help from the internet. There are platforms or apps available to download to your Android phones to learn the art form on your own. Sure it will not make you a master of it but you can learn a lot of basic things about it. And even you do not have much time to go to the gym for practice, can use these apps to stay in the game from your home.

Here is the list of the top 10 MMA apps which you can download on your android device to practice and learn on your own.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

UFC app is not exactly a learning platform for MMA. It is the official app of the Ultimate Fighting Championship which is a top company in the segment of MMA. If you are a fan of MMA then sure you would know about this company. You can hardly find anyone who loves mix martial arts and does not know about UFC.

UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

It is not only the training app you would love to have for your training but you can learn more from fighting videos and content from the app to enhance your knowledge about MMA. Some of the best fighters in the world compete in this company and you would not like to miss any major or breaking news about them or the company.

Sign up to this app to access a wide range of contents and you can see exclusive videos, Pay-Per-View events live along with the wide range fight library. Watching the best fighters fight and train can provide you some good information and knowledge about MMA. So you can learn from it if you want and the entertainment part is always there for you for your leisure times.

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MMA Trainer

Now, this is the kind of app that you can download for proper MMA training. It is one of the most suitable apps for you to train in your home or at a park. The nature of the app will help you to learn the skills that a teacher would teach you in any MMA class. Using this will help you to grow in confidence every single day.

MMA Trainer ufcmmaufc gymfight home training

The application offers lots of techniques and variations for learning new moves and formats of fighting. It does not matter if you are an old horse and just getting started to learn MMA. It is very much eco-friendly for all the uses regardless of their experience. It includes art forms like judo, jujitsu, karate, etc to practice and upgrade your skills in those particular areas.

The free access to loads of training techniques and moves is there when you download the app. The quality content in it will help you to horn your skills as the moves are properly shown in the video format. And even you can control the video speed to watch more accurately and you can create your own combination of moves for your training.

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Fighting Trainer

Practicing any combat sports or any other sports is really good for your health and you can see the benefits of being healthy by practicing any training regularly. And practicing MMA would offer you many variations of moves and techniques that might be the best thing to cover more variations in combat sports.

Fighter Trainer best MMA APP Android and iOS

This Fighting Trainer app is absolutely ideal for the people who want to stay fit and practice the moves they used to do and won’t regain the quickness of doing them. Even the new learners can also learn the format and train in MMA via this app. You can schedule a daily training routine and learn the techniques of MMA which is provided very clearly to understand well for the users.

MMA is not about only punching and kicking. The art form teaches you the right posture to combat, how to defend yourself from an incoming attack etc. It includes all the different ways of techniques which more than 90 combat moves to learn and implement in the real life of training to up your level of the game.

You can watch those video techniques which are recorded with the help of a professional teacher who knows them very well. And you can observe every single detail of any move by slowing down the video speed to know how it is properly done. You can apply any of these in your combat style and training to find out which one suits you the most.

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Muay Thai Fitness – Muay Thai At Home Workout

You can guess the characteristic of this application by the name of it. It is sufficient enough for anyone who desperately needs an app to learn the basic things of MMA from home. The app is designed to provide you some home MMA workouts to practice the art form without any inconvenience.

Muay Thai Fitness Muay Thai At Home Workout

It offers a wide range of moves and forms to watch and learn from it. And you can also learn from the professional mixed martial artists as they provided some valuable lessons in form of content in the platform. There are so many workouts available that you can choose according to your wish. If you want to learn different ways of punches, kicks, take-downs, etc then this is a good app.

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MMA Training and Fitness

For Guys who want to strictly stick with only learning or practicing mixed martial arts, this MMA Training, and Fitness app is one of the best platforms to rely on. The kind of this app is self-explanatory and it covers nearly every aspect of MMA which you must need to learn from your home only by using this tool as a reference.

MMA Training and Fitness app

For beginners, apps like this will help them to know more about the training processes and what it takes actually to be a good MMA fighter. A long list of tips is there for the beginners in audio format as well to listen and have knowledge about the moves and the science behind them. Audio tips to work out at your home are also there to assist you more affirmatively.

If you want improvement in your strength or endurance which is very essential to be a good fighter then the app is very helpful to achieve these goals. The people that seek help to burn fat and stay fit can also follow the training this app delivers to get in a good shape along with power and proper body balance. No shortage of content is so much value to any learner who wants to be an MMA fighter or learning it for self-defense or fitness.

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MMA Spartan System Home Workouts

If you are looking for a quality app that will provide you more detailed content and will assist you to push yourself to make MMA training a daily habit then this tool is for you. All the necessary data and guidance you can get from this app on your Android phone simply by downloading it.

MMA Spartan System Home Workouts Exercises Free

Only training or misleading workouts will not do any good to you, rather it might be very harmful to your health. The app will remind you of these mistakes and assist you to build a good training or workout plan which you can know from the detailed animated instruction. And to recover from your intense workout sessions, the app can help you to make a nutrition plan for muscle recovery and good health. Without a good diet or nutrition plan, everything you do is useless and meaningless.

This platform will also push you to work hard if you ever needed it to overcome any laziness. You can set notification reminders with this to notify you of the workout schedule times. And the best part is that the Google Fit integration and achievement system come with this MMA training application. These features make this app a little special in this category.

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Talking MMA Workout System

This app is relatively a unique platform because of its little different nature. The training tool is more suitable for those used to practice MMA or who do not have time to go to the gym for practice but want to continue at home. The app is more like a training system that commands you to do a move randomly during the course of your workout. It also comes with an interval round timer.

Talking MMA Workout System FightTime Trainer Timer

You can use this for training for some unpredictable moves which this app will tell you to do during your workouts. The application comes with around 20 pre-set workouts and over 70 commands that will surely give a variety of moves in your practice time. You will never know when it will call you to do a certain punch or any MMA kick and even shadow boxing moves. It will give your workout a new dimension and you can prepare for the uncertain nature of this fighting style.

It also comes with a feature to track all your training periods in terms of counter-punching and kicking moves. Beginners can try it if they want but they might find it a bit difficult to cope with the instructions the system provides. It is more applicable for professionals.

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SweetScience Box

SweetScience Box is not technically the app you need to learn MMA. It is actually a platform which you can try to practice boxing. But MMA is a combination of multiple martial arts forms and also includes boxing. So, you can use it to upgrade the level of your boxing skills if it is not good enough.

SweetScience Box

This is also very effective for weight loss and to stay in shape to lead a healthy fit life. There are many benefits from this app. It is not short of features that can be used for your training. You can create your training program with specific workouts and you can track them to collect data and analyze it. The timer mode option is there to finish your sets or workout within the time limit to enhance the intensity of your training.

From the app, you will be able to find any partner with similar goals and passion to work out together by meeting him/her. It will deliver all the important things that you need to train to become good in boxing and also will help you to stay fit and active. The video contents of training will certainly guide you to learn the techniques of proper boxing.

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Wing Chun Trainer

For the MMA enthusiasts, Wing Chun Trainer would come very useful as they can use it to more sharpen their skills in some departments. Though it is more like a boxing training application but the style of training here is mainly focused on scientific boxing. It will help you to improve your agility and reaction speed which is very much needed in MMA. Also, the boxing techniques are more useful for close-range combats that you can implement in MMA to get the upper hand against your opponent.

Wing Chun Trainer best MMA App Andriod

The 3D model view of the workouts which you can see from all the sides is there and you can see the demonstration to learn about technical things which you can learn from this type of training.

And the other notable feature it owns is the offline mode training. So, if you cannot access the internet at the time of your workout you will be able to use the offline mode feature to train without any inconvenience. The multiplayer training mode is also there in case you train with any partner or friend to use it for all parties involved in the training.

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Now you may think, what YouTube is doing here. It is not a platform for any kind of combat sports training. Well, you are absolutely right. YouTube is a video streaming and sharing platform where so many content creators share their videos for the users of this application.

So, in the large library of video content in various niches, you can easily find some channels or videos on MMA training and tips. These kinds of content can be used for MMA workouts. There so many professional mixed martial artists are who run their channel and document their training program and nutrition plans to share with the audience. And the teaching experts share many valuable teaching contents within the segment to teach the basics of MMA.

You just cannot miss this large contents which you will get free of cost and on a reliable platform like YouTube. Even you can find and learn any specific martial arts form or training system to enhance your skills which suits you the most. If you have any questions then you can ask any specific expertise in the comment section of the video to get the answer. Or, you can follow them in their Instagram profile if they have any and ask them any queries via text messages.

YouTube is one of the best sources of information and learning things in any segment. It is also applicable for MMA training and any other fitness or sports-related training. You just need to search them with accurate keywords to find the right channel or video which exactly provides the information you needed. And you might not need to go to any other platform to learn any specific thing because you can learn a lot from this platform in detail.



If you are aiming to become a professional mixed martial artist then you should learn from an expert teacher in any good MMA gym. Learning through these apps can help you to stay in shape and you can practice the basics of it to just keeping the flow but it will not make you a professional.

Mastering in MMA takes a lot of intense training and time. So, if you think you will become good at it quickly then that is not the case. You must be patient and dedicated to achieving the target of becoming a pro.

People with the intentions of staying healthy, learn basic skills, and self-defense in their leisure time can download and use any of the above-mentioned apps and practice MMA training.