How to find & recover FTP account password saved on Filezilla client

Here are FileZilla password recovery steps for the FTP accounts or websites saved on the FileZilla Client application to connect to a remote FTP server.  The method given here will not only let you view the password but also the username corresponding to it, saved on the PC.

Note: We can only recover the password of the FTP sites that are saved on FileZilla Client, if not, then it will not be possible to find them. So, I am assuming that you have stored the credentials of your FTP server account and now, you have forgetten the same, thus want to recover it.

Under FileSite Manager, first, check out the FTP account’s username that password you want to recover…

FileZilla Sitemanager password recovery

Open FTP client and export site entries

  1. On the FTP client, click on the File menu and select the Export option.
  2. Now, Select Export Site Manager Entries.
  3. This will give you a pop-up to save FileZilla’s XML file.

Export option

Export SiteManager Enteries Save FileZilla password XML file

Edit FileZilla XML file

  1. Now, right-click on the downloaded file.
  2. Open it with a browser or Notepad. However, you can simply double click on that and it will automatically get open in the default system browser.
  3. Find out two-line showing “user” and “pass“.
  4. The User represents the FTP account username and the Pass is the password save on FileZilla encoded in base64.
  5. Once you get them, copy the string given between<Pass encoding="base64"> –copy this– </Pass>

decode encoded bas64 passwords online

Decode Filezilla FTP password online encoded in Base64

To decrypt Bas64 FileZilla server’s user account password in the XML file we can use various online tools, it is not a very cumbersome job. Anybody can do it using simple web tools such as

  1. Go to
  2. Paste the copied password string in the given box,
  3. Click on the Decode button.
  4. In the adjacent box, you will find your stored FTP password in the FileZilla client.

Decode Filezilla FTP password online encoded in Base64

Filezilla FTP password recovery -closing thoughts

In this way, we can easily find and recover our forget FTP account password save on FileZilla without any hassle and struggle.

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