How to access Amazon drive on your computer using a web browser

Here is the easiest way to use Amazon Drive on PC, Smartphone or Tablet using a web browser, so that you can upload files, pictures or documents on the go.

In the crowd of multiple cloud storage solutions, Amazon drive is one of the best cloud storage services, which most people do not know about. Almost everybody of us has an account on amazon, other to watch Amazon prime videos, enjoy Amazon Prime music, or to order awesome new things from Amazon. If you are already having an account on Amazon, you will get 5 GB of Storage for free, which is not a small number, if you are struggling for getting some free storage to store your documents in the safest possible way and also get easy access whenever you want.

Just like most popular cloud storage services, you can even expand the storage space on your Amazon drive, with subscription plans, and you can get a subscription for getting 100 GB to 1 TB of storage space, or even more on Amazon Drive. Now, this is something, which makes it equally good as other cloud storage services. With the mobile apps available for Amazon drive, you can even access your files, photos, and videos while on the go, just like the other popular cloud storage service. But the link to access Amazon drive is not available in the the home page, and that is the biggest reason most users don’t at all know about it. Even on, the link is available below the page, where most users don’t peep into, unless necessary.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how you can access Amazon Drive on your computer using a web browser.

How to access Amazon Drive on a computer?

Simply click on the following link to find information about all the Amazon drive benefits that you can get.

Click on the ‘Sign in’ option to log in with your existing Amazon credentials and enjoy all the Amazon Drive benefits.

Accessing Amazon Drive sign in on computer

After you log in to your Amazon Drive on your PC or smartphone browser, you can find the files that are available on your Amazon drive, and you can even add new files, or download them at your convenience.

Using the different options, you can create new folders, upload a complete folder, and do a lot of other things on Amazon Drive.

Upload computer folder to Amazon drive from computer

Unlike Google Drive and Dropbox, there is still no Amazon Drive Backup and Sync application available for Windows, however, you can download the Amazon Photos app, to manage all your photos on Amazon Drive.

You can download the Amazon Drive app on your Amazon Fire TV stick, Android and iOS devices, to access all your files on the go. I just wish Amazon Drive comes with features to edit documents right on the cloud, just like OneDrive and Google Drive. That would, from my point of view, make ends meet, as most users need that.

Even though 5 GB might seem to be a minuscule amount of storage, but it can still be useful if you’re looking for a two-tier or three-tier backup solution for all your documents and important files that you might need at any point of time.

So, that was all about how you can access Amazon Drive on your computer or your mobile devices. Do you have anything else to say, or facing any kind of problem? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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  1. This doesn’t work. The information appears obsolete. I just get to amazon photos. There is no amazon drive.

  2. You used to be able to access drive right from the home menu, but looks like that’s gone. Used the /cloud drive URL and it got me there. A bit cumbersome, but at least it’s still available. It’s better than Photos as you can use folders to organize like a personal PC.

  3. I received a phone call That someone had used my accuunt.
    My account should have been cloased, by my request.
    I did not order From Amazon.
    When I was a custoner, I requested any order be Mailed to 180 East Street, zip 24415
    Please Phone 5404627406, let me know NO CHARGE TO MY ACCOUNR and CLOSE MY ACCUUNT with Amazon.


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