How to Check Windows 10 version using Command prompt

To check which Windows 10 or 7 version you are currently using on your Pc or laptop, we can use a simple command in our PowerShell or Prompt.

Which version of  Windows 10 do you have? 

Which version of  Windows 10 we exactly are using we cannot tell unless we find that. Yes, it was easy till Windows 7 but not after Microsoft decided to offer a rolling release version of OS that is Windows 10. That means the OS will be the same but with every version update, we will get new features. Example- 1909, 2004, 20H1 …. So, the way to find out Windows 10 version we are actually using is pretty simple. There are a couple of ways to do that, we can either navigate through Settings to find out that or else can use a simple command in Powershell or CMD. The choice is yours…

Use Winver command to fine Windows 10 o 7 OS version

  1. Go to the Windows Search box.
  2. Type CMD, as its icon appears, click to open it.
  3. On Command prompt, type- winver
  4. This will open About Window with your Windows 10 version and OS Build information

Command to find WIndows 10 version and OS build


2nd-way using Settings:

If you don’t want to use the Command prompt then the other way to get the Windows 10 OS version information is Via the settings.

  1. Type Settings in Search Box.
  2. Open Settings App or you can use the keyboard shortcut “Win key + I“.
  3. Click “System” to open it
  4. Select the About option from the left side and on the right panel you will get Device Hardware Specifications and Windows 10 version and OS build Info.


Shortcut to open Windows 10 Settings Windwos 10 OS and device infromation via settings GUI


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