How to create blank invoice templates on Google docs spreadsheet

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Do you know? You don’t have to go through different applications for generating invoices; there are a couple of blank invoice templates on Google Docs (spreadsheets) that will help you in a few clicks…

Google Docs is a free online web application that provides pre-built blank invoices which can he/she use for official or business purposes. No need to search online for multiple websites for online invoice generation or usage of some accounting software to get invoices for multiple tasks. Just visit the Google Spreadsheets, a part of Google Docs and find the blank invoice templates, select one of them. You can use them for some freelancer work; giving receipts or proof of payment; as invoices for independent contractor work, for sending or receiving money and more…

Here we will show you the way to use the built-in blank invoices of Google Spreadsheets and also some other websites that offer blank invoice templates for Google Docs.

Create Invoices using free Google Sheets invoice templates

Step 1: Open Spreadsheet for blank invoice templates of Google Docs

Needless to say, to use the blank invoice templates of Google Docs first we have to visit this website or web app. Here is the link for that.

Step 2: Access Google Docs templates

On top of the Google Docs’ Spreadsheet section, you will see a few templates along with an option “Template gallery” click on that to get all the available for Google Spreadsheet in Docs.

Access Google Docs templates

Step 3: Open the Blank invoice template

Scroll down on Templates page to Work section, where you will find all the Templates related to professional work such as Invoice, Weekly Timesheet, Financial Statements, Annual business budget, Expense report, Purchase order, Employee shift schedule, Customer relationship management, Website Paid traffic report and Website traffic dashboard. Click on the Invoice Template.

Open blank Invoice template of Google Docs spreadsheet

Step 4: Start editing invoice on Spreadsheet

Add your company name, Address, Project name, Payable to, Date, Invoice number, Quantity, price etc. On Total Price column, a formula of total amount calculation has already implemented by the Template creators, so you just need to add the amount and the total quantity of products. Or edit it as per your requirements.

Start editing Google sheets invoice

Step 5: Download Google Docs Spreadsheet Invoice as PDF

After editing and adding all information that you need on your Google Invoice template, its time download it as PDF or other formats, so that we can email or send a hard copy to client or business partners.

For that, go to File Menu and click on Download as; you will see different options such as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), OpenDocument format (.ods), PDF document (.pdf), Web page (.html, zipped), Command-separated value (.csv, current sheet) and Tab-separated values (.tsv, current sheet). Select PDF document option and the Invoice will download in the same format.

Download sheets invoice as PDF

Step 6: (optional) Email Invoice directly from Google Docs Spreadsheets

If you don’t want to print or save your invoice as PDF then there is one more option which directly sends it to the person/company for whom you have generated it. Remember, the Email will send with the same Gmail/Google Account you have used to log in Google Docs.

To use this option again to the File Menu and select Email as Attachment.

A Pop-up web page will open select the Invoice Email attachment type between PDF or Microsoft Excel (.XLSX) then enter the email where you want to send it; once it did the Subject and Message that should go along with it. At last a checkbox select that, if you want Send a copy of the same Invoice to yourself and finally click on the Send button.

Send invoice directly as Email attachment

Beside the Default Invoice templates of Google there are a lot of third parties those offers free Google Docs Invoice templates here are some of them:


Not only free invoice but also few other templates are available on this website for Google spreadsheets free of cost.

free Google Sheets Invoice templates


A simple Invoice template with all basic elements needed…

Google-Sheets-free templates

Apart from this, a few more good free Templates for Google Sheets, you can get here.

Other Resources:

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