How to play JAVA old games on Android smartphone

If you have experienced the old phones those were not smart then you definitely have played Java games or used other JAR programs.

In the era of Nokia S40, Sony Ericsson K series, numerous small partners indulge in JAVA games cannot extricate themselves, JAVA games in many people’s have left thick and heavy strokes.

Mobile games have already been different, but some feelings will only belong to the past forever. How can we relive the old JAVA games in the non-intelligent era in today’s Android smartphones?

So, today I am going to introduce an app that can play JAVA games on Android phones.

This tool is called J2ME Loader and is a JAR application/game simulator on Android that can run JAR-packaged JAVA programs. Let’s see how to use J2ME Loader app to run Jaba games on Android smartphone.

  1. First, go to play store and download it. For your ease here is the link.
  2. After installing and downloading tap on the Add button or + icon given in the lower right corner
  3. Then select the JAR program from the phone’s files manager which you want to install and add it to the App.
  4. After its successful installation taps directly on the installed JAVA program to run.
  5. Like for this tutorial, I have downloaded the famous game Super Mario and run it on my Android JAVA old games on Android smartphone


Before running, it will let you set the operating environment of the JAVA program, such as screen size, aspect ratio, whether to display the virtual keyboard, etc., according to personal habits set instantly, keep the default in time can run well.

Have to say, this JAVA emulator runs very well, used to play previous JAVA machine old game no problem. According to the official introduction, this simulator supports most 2D games and some 3D games (Mascot Capsule 3D games do not work). It is indeed a good choice to relive the feelings of the year.

It is worth mentioning that this J2ME Loader is still an open source software, if you are interested in the source code, you can click here to view its GitHub project page.

Overall this is indeed a very fun app if you want to play some nostalgic mobile games, relive the previous JAVA applications, I believe it will not disappoint you.


4 thoughts on “How to play JAVA old games on Android smartphone”

  1. thank u so much for ur guides😍😍 i instald and am using j2me loader r8 now🌹🌹

  2. When I downloaded the app it warned me that my user data is stored in a location which will be deleted when you Uninstall the app…..????

    • It means the data generated by the app itself. So, as you don’t need the app, the same goes for the user data as well.


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