• How To Setup Emby Media Server on Ubuntu Linux

    Emby Media server is the opensource home media server to store all your personal media library at one place and access it remotely. Like Plex media server, the Emby is also working on the client-server model. In this type model, the software is divided into two parts:

    • Server —  To store and manage all media content from one place or PC
    • Apps —  To play the stored media locally or remotely from the server.

    The Emby Media server can store videos, music, and photos. Using Emby Plugins you can also stream live Tv. Emby server automatically can convert and let you stream your media which can be played on any device on the go. The installation of Emby server is much easier than the PLEX. Emby support web-based dashboard which allows managing the Emby content easily from any browser.

    Emby server’s free version is a complete package to set up a home media server but if you want to some premium features then you have to go for Emby Premiere.

    Emby Premier features are:

    • Offline Media
    • Emby DVR
    • Full access to Emby for Android, Fire TV, iOS, Xbox One and PS4.
    • Cover Art
    • Cinema Mode
    • Cloud Sync
    • Automatically Convert Recordings
    • Emby Theater
    • Folder Sync
    • Podcasts
    • Backup and Restore
    • Amazon Alexa


    How To Install PLEX media server on Ubuntu

    Plex home media server installation

     Step By Step Emby server setup guide

    To install the Emby Media server on Ubuntu, be sure that you have an updated version of Linux Ubuntu or Debian and have root access too.

    Step 1:  First of all go to the https://emby.media/download.html and select the Emby server for Linux version. Now select the operating system Ubuntu and under download option you see X64. Right-click on that as shown in the screenshot and copy the link location.

    Emby media server

    Step 2: Now press Crtl+Alt+T to open the Ubuntu Terminal and type

    su root

    to get the root access.

    how to access the root on ubuntu to install the media server software

    Step 3: After getting root access, type the command wget and in front of that paste the copied link of Emby server.

    weget https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/releases/download/


    EMBY media server setup guide on Ubuntu via command line

    Step 4: The Emby media server for Ubuntu start downloading via terminal. Once the downloading is complete run the following command:

    dpkg -i emby-server-deb_3.2.36.0_amd64.deb

    Installing the emby home media server using command line


    Step 5: The Emby server has successfully installed and to access it open the browser and point it to


    Configuring the EMBY Media Server

    Step 1: First of all create an account with Emby server. Go to https://emby.media/connect.html and click o sign up.

    Emby server connect

    Step 2:  Sign up using Twitter or email ID that you can access.

    Sign up

    Step 3: Its time to set up the Emby server, go back to the URL  http://localhost:8096 and give any username to EMBY and link the account using the same email id which you used to register the EMBY.

    Profile fopr Emby server

    Step 4: In this step, click on the Add Media Library to add media files.

    Add contetn to your home media server emby server

    Step 5:  Select Media type such as for videos choose the Movies and so on.

    media server software

    Step 6: Add the path of the folder where you have kept your media files. You can also set the metadata language, country, enable real-time monitoring of files, prefer embedded titles over file names, and more…

    Emby media server plugins


    Step 7:  Once Media location added, it will show all media in the library. In the same way you can add different media files.

    Succesfully addes media library in emby home server

    Step 8:  The installation and configuration of Emby server have done successfully.

    setup guide for Emby server

    Step 9:  Finally, in your browser, you will get a simple Dashboard of Emby server where it provides you two IP addresses— one is of local computer address to access the server locally and other is the public IP address to access the EMBY Media server remotely.

    Dashboard emby ,edia home server


    Step 10:  You can use it as DLNA or watch Live TV using EMBY plugin. Emby Media server has very good collection of plugins those can use to extend the functionality of Emby server.

    Moreover, to access it from any other device remotely you can use the EMBY apps those are available for almost every device.

    Emby apps: 

    • Android TV
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Kodi
    • Media Portal
    • Roku
    • Windows Desktop
    • Windows Media Center
    • Windows Phone
    • Android Mobile (Play Store)
    • HTML5
    • Windows 8


    emby media home server plugins

    Question Regarding EMBY Media Servers setup

    If you have any questions or doubt or stuck somewhere while installing the Emby home media server, just do comment and we will reply instantly.

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