Soon Google Search will Display the Product Comparison

Google keeps trying to enhance the user experience via improving its search techniques and result quality. Right now, the Google is also planning to add a new search feature which compares two devices when a user searches for them.

The comparison feature is in beta stage and Google is still testing it. This comparison feature will let you compare the specifications of the device directly from the Google’s search engine in a very neat comparison chart.


Soon Google Search will Display the Product Comparison

As above given screenshot, it is clear that you just need to write a query in the ‘vs’ form like Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL  and the Google will gather the comparison information and show you a quick comparison information. You can expand the chart to see full information by using the blue button. Also, there is an option to highlight the features. Still, this features is in beta stage and all the information may not correct.

Yet, Google has not officially announced this features but this will available on every device.