An interview with Mr Mohar V, Co-founder and CEO, Techved

Techved is globally acclaimed Digital Strategy and Design Powerhouse with various International Design and Innovation awards. Till now they have served 300+ clients from around 11+ domains.  

Techved has expanded over the years into different technologies such as VR/IR, IoT, Chatbots, AI etc. They are the masters of innovative ideas, which can either for users or for the brand. One of the most attractive thing about Techved is their Gender Equality as a strong women Neha Modgil, Co-founder and COO is the pillar behind their success. Their client list lies into corporate giants such as Vodafone, Genpact, TATA capital, OLX, Asian Paints, Kotak, SBI General, Aditya Birla Etc.

Techved is also helping out Youth to learn about UX (User Experience) through their educational platform TAD. It’s the small initiative by Techved taken for the one who wants to choose UX as their career path. They have conducted a lot of workshops and meet-ups for industry professionals where they realized there is a gap in skilled individuals in the industry. Therefore, TAD courses have been launched for bridging these gaps.

To know more about plans and understand the industry, we had an interaction with Mohar V, Co-founder and CEO, Techved…

Mr Mohar V, could you please tell us more about yourself and being a co-founder what inspired you to go for Techved. 

Management including SAP ERP Implementation, Software Development, Databases and Project Management have helped me don many hats in this domain. I love building exciting professional acquaintances and transform Digital Product Experiences.

At TECHVED Consulting I bring this vast experience on the table to multi-manage various disciplinary assignments on Digital Strategy and Business Innovation. Being a Co-founder and CEO journey has been very exciting and full of amazing experiences. Though we are a Global, with Local Expertise to keep bringing continuous value to our customers. This attitude towards the Digital Transformation & Design Solutions has helped TECHVED to win many prestigious awards on Indian and Asian Forums. Some of the recent accolades include Business Excellence in Innovative Website Design by Times Research, Top 5 UX/UI companies in India by Silicon India, Digital Excellence Award by CDO Converge 2017, etc.


What is the key vision of Techved for the Indian market?

Mohar V, Co-founder and CEO, Techved
Mr Mohar V, Co-founder and CEO, Techved

The vision of TECHVED is “To be the world’s leading and most trusted Digital Transformation Consulting creating awesome and delightful experiences for users globally”     


What a company should keep in mind before going for digital transformation in terms of UI or design of their applications

Being a leading powerhouse, we always keep a futuristic vision, pertaining to digital transformation and in terms of UI design. TECHVED Consulting is leading with its contemporary design trends and development skills. In tandem, we have conducted many types of research on innovative UI design and development with the journey of digital transformation. Therefore, a company at first should take care of the design expertise and industry trends before going for a digital transformation. They should first know about changing data, competitive conditions and strategies fast enough to succeed. Improve customer understanding with analytics, customer behaviour, and know your Target audience.


You have been working with lots of big brands, thus what exactly the companies are now looking for, I mean trend?

Huge brands constantly seek something new, innovating which is suiting their brand guidelines. Most of the brands have commenced with simplicity, they merely believe in easy to comprehend interface with an agile result. Their applications are moreover visually appealing with concise content, which acts as an added benefit to their brand. It would be prudent to say “The Less is More” when it comes to Current Design Trends.


Techved is not alone in the market, of course, it should not be. So, what makes your company distinct from others?

Throughout our journey, we have never focalized on competing with others, we merely believed in delivering the best design solution to keep both our clients and their users’ content. TECHVED is only one of its kinds; the qualitative services that we provide make us unique in the Industry. Our human-centred designs keep us close to the clients and their Users.  Our biggest success is serving our clients to win their competitors and stay ahead of the crowd


What are your predictions for the industry’s future development?

We see the Industry moving from an era where it used to touch people’s lives to become part and parcel of everyday routine for people globally. It is an exciting era to be anywhere everything is connected in real time. Instead of interfaces being part of the life the very life is going be digital!!


Should a company give some heed to programming language in which the UI development companies about to develop their apps?

Instead of paying heed to the programming languages, the companies and brands should pay utmost attention to the underline Experiences and Design because that would help them succeed more than anything else.


Being an industry Veteran would you like to give some message to those who are about to read your thoughts?

The readers, students, professionals, and others, who desire to make their career in UX/UI, keep one thing in mind that your design should always be human-centric which can ease the user’s digital experience. Also, there are many designers and developers across the globe, out of which, only a few are noticeable because of their design thinking ability. Design is a journey to follow the process diligently and keep the users at the core!!