Interview with Ms. Kanchan Rai, a mental and emotional well being coach and the Founder of Let Us Talk

Interview with Kanchan Rai Founder of Let Us Talk

Ms. Kanchan Rai, a mental and emotional well-being coach and the founder of Let us Talk, was recently interviewed about her remarkable journey as a female entrepreneur. Throughout the discussion, she spoke at length about her unique experiences. During the interview, she shares her personal experiences on how one can stay positive and manage emotional health.

Furthermore, we also got a chance to have a glance at her life’s journey, Kanchan is a Harvard Business School Graduate who has a specialized certification in leadership development and executive coaching. She is an internationally certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization that represents the highest quality in professional coaching.

She stresses that mind coaches don’t change lives; rather, they merely act as a constant reminder and motivator in life. Kanchan Rai, as the Sampark Pramuk of Vishwamangalya Sabha, strives to empower women and children in India by helping them develop intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

To throw the spotlight on mental health, she conceptualized the holistic initiative Let Us Talk Foundation and is the mastermind behind its coaching methodology. Having donned the hat of the founder of the Let Us Talk Foundation, she is innately able to connect to various situations and roles, as is made evident by her diverse clientele.

Her training in the varied facets of therapy and understanding of the human psyche drove her to create her techniques to drive mind rejuvenation to an exponential level. Having battled depression herself, Kanchan has spearheaded a movement to spread awareness about mental health. This led to the conceptualization of the Let Us Talk Foundation. The organization is committed to making people across various industry sections emotionally and mentally healthy through its mindfulness workshops.

Here is a glimpse of the conversation we had with her…

The way we keep our financial and health goals Why do you think it’s important to maintain mental health goals in these times?

To create a calm life, mental health requires earnest attention to help it adjust to changes and deal with any circumstance. In the same way, we continue to work hard for finance every day to earn more and spend money on our health as well.

The building of a peaceful existence depends equally on good mental health in these times. Create both immediate and long-term goals. setting attainable objectives for one’s mental health, such as Writing down your sentiments enables you to evaluate and comprehend your feelings, your day, and the specifics of an occurrence that upset you.

You can review your journal at the end of the year to see how far you’ve come. Keeping a strong social network improves one’s sense of purpose and belonging. Social ties benefit our long-term health in the same way that healthy eating and sleeping habits do. They also provide us with joy. Giving without expecting anything in return is the practice of gratitude. A routine leisure activity carried out for enjoyment. Self-care can include anything from relaxing at a spa or reading a book to booking a trip to go away.

What is the impact of small decisions in one’s life?

You aren’t seeing the larger picture, or the cumulative effect of your small actions, when you think of the numerous judgments you make every day as being too small or unimportant to matter. However, if your objective is to become physically fit, daily decision-making won’t help you realize your dream.

The majority of us are fully aware of the huge impacts our key decisions have had on our lives. It’s a major decision to enroll in college and graduate, and most individuals would agree that it had a favorable effect on their life.

Your happiness or dissatisfaction is most certainly greatly influenced by your decision to get married or have kids. The choices to start your own business, leave a job, or find a new one or more are all instances of significant decisions that have probably had a significant impact on your life.

A small positive change in your routine—how can it boost your mental health?

Talking to yourself every day with as much positivity as you can muster can help your mental health. Small positive changes such as Keep Encouragement without waiting for someone to motivate you can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Make your points for what you are grateful for. You cannot appreciate everything in your life, but you can appreciate yourself for whatever you achieve in your lifetime.

Having a conversation with someone you trust and share is always a good idea, too. You’ve probably heard the saying “sharing is caring”. Stop expecting the same in return. Also, You can take a break from the same daily routine to feel the change. Explore the stuff you like.

People usually say, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones.” How would you relate this to mental health?

Before getting where you want to be, each step must be completed. We must be methodical and patient in our approach. The most essential thing is to not lose heart.

When we fail, we must pause and consider what went wrong. We advance in our oath when we acknowledge our error since it provides us with a deeper understanding of our path. If reaching our objectives only required a few giant leaps, then life wouldn’t be as interesting.

Only after we have taken all the little steps will success begin, and when it does, we will emerge as better people who can motivate others to accomplish their objectives.

We will waste vital time if we keep looking for quick cuts. Instead, we should concentrate on the path that lies ahead of us, embrace it, and do everything in our power to make it as meaningful as we can.

Please share some tips on how to attain the goal of emotional and mental well-being in small steps.

It’s crucial to be able to control your emotions and keep your emotional equilibrium.

You can better deal with difficulties and stress when you manage your emotional health. The inability to control one’s emotions might result in poor mental health and relationship problems. do a few activities;

  • Meditate and exercise to feel calm inside. Meditation is beneficial for mental and emotional health. Exercise gives your physical health a sort of relaxation that reflects on your mind and body.
  • Spend your time with someone, laugh in real-time, and create memories, as you only get one chance at life to feel worthy of living.
  • If you ever feel stressed, start making plans to deal with those situations. Nothing can be improved until you make your way.
  • Make those around you grateful for your kindness in the same way that helping someone makes them grateful.
  • Remove all toxic people who never let you feel courageous in any manner.
  • Remember, you only owe yourself your current way of life.


To achieve bigger mental health goals through small wins, what is the process that you would suggest following?

Few people are aware of this or are aware of how to use progress to boost motivation, even though human nature is built on the power of progress.

As soon as you mention modest victories, the importance of appreciation becomes clear.

A beneficial improvement is produced through developing healthy habits and controlling them. When someone compliments you really, you can feel a positive inspiration pour through your job.

Keep track of your progress to increase your energy, reward yourself, and attempt to reach your bigger goals. This will help you achieve bigger goals through small triumphs.