Top 6 Best Tumblr alternatives in 2024

Tumblr’s user base saw a steep decline in 2017 when Verizon bought the social media platform and imposed stricter content restrictions on the platform. The new policy included a long list of restricted content including NSFW and adult content. The new policy aimed at bringing more people to the platform, however, Tumblr ended up losing most of its users in a short period due to the content restrictions.

The content restrictions were a significant contributor to Tumblr’s demise. However, the platform was unique and one of a kind before 2017. Users could share their thoughts via photos, text, videos, and even NSFW content that made users explore their inner selves.

Numerous platforms have rushed in since then to fill Tumblr’s void and each of them brings its specialties to the table. Here we explore the best Tumblr alternatives that you can try in 2023.

1. Reddit

Reddit Tumbler Alternative min

Reddit is hands down the best alternative to Tumblr in 2023 due to its communities and active audience base. Reddit has aged like a fine wine and coped pretty well with the demands of its audiences. It has different subreddits which are like groups where members can discuss or upload various content such as videos, images, links, and more.

Subreddit members can upvote or downvote the posts to showcase their reactions to a post.

Apart from these, Reddit has some unsaid perks too. Once something gets leaked online, be it a smartphone leak or leaked gameplay, you will likely find it on Reddit before anywhere else. Furthermore, Reddit has some of the most active communities on the internet for almost every popular area of discussion.

You can also upload and find NSFW content if you look closely enough for such subreddits.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest Replacement for Tumbler min

If you used Tumblr primarily to post images and graphic content, Pinterest might be a good alternative for you. While the UI and features can feel a bit different from the original Tumblr, the support for GIFs, videos, and links make it a good successor.

Coming to the gist of Pinterest, you can upload different images and graphic content as a “pin”. Furthermore, you can group multiple pins under a “board” which might have a similar content type. People can directly find these boards via search engines if you make them public which lets you connect to a wider audience.

On the downside, you cannot upload NSFW content on Pinterest as they have a strict content moderation policy.

3. Medium

Medium for blogging min

While Pinterest is everything images, Medium on the other hand is more text and information. Medium allows you to read articles on the topics that interest you, all in one place. The platform has some of the best articles from topics across the board from famous personalities and writers in different genres.

If you used Tumblr to express yourself via long-form text, you may even utilize Medium’s partner program to earn from your articles. Medium pays its writers if their articles attract readers and gain views on the platform.

Medium is different from other Tumblr alternatives as it helps you inculcate the habit of reading new things online and boosts your focus levels. Moreover, you always learn new things on the platform which makes it different from addictive social media.

Medium may have a highly diverse content base, however, you may not find any NSFW content. Also, it is hard to gain instant visibility on the platform, especially for newcomers.

4. Ello

Ello is Pinterest on steroids min

Ello is Pinterest on steroids with a slightly less audience base but a highly creative artist base. You can use Ello to express yourself via artistic and aesthetic images. Similar to Medium, Ello has an art program that can help you earn via your artwork. Moreover, you can showcase your work and earn clients via the platform.

Ello has an extensive artwork library that has something for everyone’s taste. The platform even lets you toggle NSFW content if you are into it. Also, the website has no ads, making it a fun and interruption-free content viewing experience.

The platform might not have many users as of now, but you will never find yourself running out of artwork and viewers for the most part.

5. Blogger by Google

Blogger by Google min

Blogger isn’t your typical social media platform where you can interact with creators and find content on your feed. The unique concept of Blogger makes it a great choice for artists, writers, and everyone who wants to showcase their skills.

Coming to the gist of Blogger, you can upload Blog style content on your Blogger profile. The best part is that your blogs rank on search engines and Google treats them like a normal webpage.

Moreover, Blogger provides seamless integration with other Google products such as Adsense and Google Analytics. In short, you can use your Blogger profile just like a basic website where you can post anything and everything that you like. This basic website might not offer as many customization features and plugins as WordPress, however, it is great for showcasing your talents without having to spend on a full-blown website.

6. Mastodon

Mastodon Twitter Reddit and Tumbler alternative min

Mastodon might not be as well known as other mentions on the list, however, it offers the functionality of Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr combined into one. First up, it is a decentralized social network which makes it very different and unique in the social media run. You can customize Mastodon’s source code and run it on your servers.

The best part about Mastodon is its open-source nature which makes it affordable and secure for the end users. Patrons pay to keep Mastodon up and running and users don’t need to spend to join live streams or discussions.

Furthermore, Mastodon has a lenient content moderation policy which makes way for NSFW content and discussions. The only caveat of Mastodon is its steep learning curve which might put off some of the less tech-savvy audience.

Final Words

With time, social media isn’t restricted to only popular ones like Instagram and Facebook. If you are a Tumblr user looking for an alternate in 2023, you have some amazing options to choose from. Go with Reddit if you want an active community with numerous discussions about different topics. You may also go with platforms like Pinterest and Ello if you want an image-centric Tumblr alternative. Platforms like Blogger and Medium are great for text-based content. You may also go with Mastodon which is a new-age decentralized social media platform.

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