MoMagic: A data driven technology based Digital Marketing platform

Digital marketing is not a new concept but finding the right platform for right people is the crucial tasks. If you spending your advertising budget on the Digital marketing without having much knowledge, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark. Different people prefer to access digital media differently, its all depend upon the needs of an individual, it can be only Video marketing, Mobile marketing, Social media marketing or complete solution. So, that’s why choose the digital platform carefully. However, we are not going to tell you how to choose a digital marketing platform for your company in this article; instead of that, we recently had an interaction with the MoMagic founder Mr. Arun Gupta in which try to reveal some information about the company. Maybe this Digital Marketing Platform can end the quest of your’s perfect marketing needs.



1. First, we want to know a bit about the founder of MoMagic and how he got the idea of making such digital marketing platform?

Mr. Arun Gupta is a technology veteran turned serial entrepreneur with 24+years of experience and multiple patents to his credit. His visionary leadership offers a business edge to the companies founded by him or wherein he is Director on board with strategic investments such mChamp Entertainment, AdGyde etc.

Mr. Gupta is the CEO and Founder of MoMagic Technologies and has held many significant positions in the IT sector. He has expansive experience and profound knowledge in Mobile Technology and Product Development.

Mr. Gupta was the Director at MediaTek for almost a decade and the architect of the 1st version of MediaTek handset MMI before venturing as an entrepreneur. He holds a Master’s Degree in M-Tech from COEP Pune and Executive Management from IIM Calcutta.

During his stint at MediaTek, concepts of more offerings to customer via mobile- e-commerce and e payments etc. started germinating in India and this led him to venture into his own and setting up of MoMagic Technologies with aim to bring in more value and offerings to customers and revenue streams to content providers, OEMs, and Operators. And now the company with years of experience and a considerable foothold in the market is making its mark in the Mobile Digital Marketing space backed by robust Data Analytics, with an aim of setting tech and business benchmarks in this segment.


2. What are the problems faced while setting up MoMagic?

There were many challenges faced initially, as Mobile Internet was slow and expensive.

Secondly, no one was ready to pay for content or add-on services /offerings on mobile. Neither the operators were ready to part with their revenues nor customers ready to pay on one end and it was an equally challenging task to discuss innovative ways of product improvisation to OEMs without a valid ROI.

Adding to the challenges were the small mom and pop shops/companies that were undercutting the pricing for the services whatever was initially getting into the market thus leaving it very difficult for companies who were looking at bringing in impact via leveraging technology such as MoMagic with an eye for global footprints.

However MoMagic initially, having an edge with OEMs and Key Operators and with its Founders edge in Mobile Technology and Product offerings, focused on feature phones at that point of time, which had 100% market share and that helped the company being recognized as market leaders for any quality and ROI driven USER penetration in the market via mobile marketing. Essentially quality inventory clubbed with innovative content packed campaigns right from those early days were MoMagic’s focus backed by analytics.

Strategic investments from MediaTek and later from Foxconn during the growth stage helped in getting the right mentoring from these mobile tech behemoths to manage the up and down swings which any company faces in a growth trajectory.

The scenario however completely changed with Smart Phones and Digital Marketing and now with 4G data prices in India being one of the lowest; we believe India is standing at the cusp of mobile advertising growth, which will be one of the highest in the world.


3. Who are your main competitors?

Mentioning any particular company, as a competitor will not be right, however, any company in the mobile digital marketing space can be said to be in the same market space, hence a competition.

MoMagic has achieved a significant market share of the Mobile Internet Digital Marketing Ecosystem in India, within a short span of 7+ years and is a leading Online and Offline mobile digital marketing company based on data-driven technology to help their business partners, e-commerce, and content players acquire quality users with effective ROI.


4. What are the challenges and trends you are seeing in 2018 in terms of mobile digital marketing and penetration?

These are interesting times for the mobile ad tech market in India. The market is at a cusp. With more innovation, collaboration and creativity; rising competition in market will lead to further improvement in the services/offerings. Further investments and consolidation in ad tech space is a fair possibility by 2019-20.

The trends that we have seen in previous few years will impact the events in 2018 too. While companies will continue to deepen on data, analytics and other programmatic boosts; enhancing consumer experience will be the core of the success that companies now foresee and that is where Content and Innovation would RULE the ad Tech market.

With consumers driving the momentum of the entire eco-system, mobile ad tech companies will focus more on newer and enhanced product offerings. And with e-commerce shopping gaining

new levels of acceptance; concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to be at the pivot of the overall consumer experience journey.

On the other hand, smart consumers will continue to demand for enriched content. With video clearly dominating the space, different forms of content marketing will come into play and develop sync with ad tech space.


5. MoMagic roadmap and strategies for 2018?

MoMagic’s expansion into South East Asia and the approach of consistently innovating-developing AI/Big Data Technology solutions; other than having the widest deployment of applications on Mobile platform ecosystem is what the company is looking forward too as a roadmap for 2018 including robust product offerings from an India company for a global market.

The company’s e-commerce platform in Bangladesh-Pickaboo, which is in the top 3 in terms of market share in the country is also a focus area for the year in terms of raising Series A for further technological enhancement and market –product expansion.

Company’s strategic investments in India and some other markets will also be into focus in terms of scaling and revenue generation.

Lastly with a stronghold with leading OEMs -Mobile Brands and Operators and partner with leading Apps and Content Providers in Asian Market; the company is working on making a mark in the mobile advertising and marketing segment, enhancing it’s already existing reputed clientele base which includes the likes off Disney, Opera, Google etc. The bagging of digital marketing across all the platforms for SBL Season One by MoMagic was also in news in 2017.


6. What steps should be taken by a startup in terms of digital marketing, as we know that people are shifting towards the mobile tech?

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways of branding, marketing and lead generation however other than allocating a justifiable budget; company’s should back it with robust data analytics, market and TG survey etc.

Quality of reach via Digital Marketing and Revenue generation possibilities should also be analyzed.

Within Digital Marketing; trends suggest, Video Advertising catching fast with more and more people seeing Videos on mobile; hence ads in videos should be looked at more strategically, as suggested by MoMagic Research Report too, released in February 2018. And last but not the least, as always CONTENT and INNOVATION will rule always and Quality of REACH, be it traditional methods of marketing or the present Digital Marketing wave.