GALAX introduces Aurora Vision RGB lighting control Software

GALAX has announced the release of their GALAX Aurora Vision RGB lighting control software beta version for theri RGB memory which allows controlling the RGB settings on all the motherboard platforms. For those don’t know about the Galax, it is a company that deals in the gaming hardware such as Graphic cards.

In the tech DIY world, lots of geeks and other gaming enthusiasts use cusotm RGB lightning modes to suit their style or just for creative fun. But it has always been a bit complicated task to control the RGB settings because of different standards. So, the Galax has introduced a dedicated software called Galax Aurora Vision which allows users to control Galax memory to operate on different motherboards.

GALAX Aurora Vision RGB lighting control software

The GALAX Aurora Vision allows 10 types of lighting modes, 16.8 million colors, and 5 different speeds for user customization. It can be said that GALAX Aurora Vision has opened a new door for memory RGB control as it doesn’t have to rely on a specific motherboard for controlling it anymore.

The GALAX Aurora Vision beta version can try out by downloading it from their official website, here is the link: Aurora Vision Setup_English_V0.92 Beta.rar


GALAX Aurora Vision beta version functions:

1. Supports reading SPD information

2. Only Supports GALAX Gamer III memory for now

3. Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.1/10



How to use GALAX Aurora Vision on Windows:

1. Please install “KB3033929” update if you are using Windows 7

2. Please open “DRAM SPD Write” function in the motherboard BIOS if you are using ASUS X99 motherboard

3. GALAX Aurora Vision might conflict with other RGB control software, such as ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Command Center/Mystic Light, and etc. Please do not open any of the software mentioned above before installing. Do not run multiple RGB control software at the same time.



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