MoMagic Technologies redesigns itself, to focus on AI, innovation

The company that started with the idea of offering R&D driven software differentiation enhancement service to handset and phone manufacturers and aimed to bring in content-driven value-added offerings to the end user, in the earlier days of 2011, is today a recognized key partner for brands, OEMs, startups and Ad agencies for Digital Ad Tech (mobile) marketing campaigns.

MoMAGIC is now investing and expanding in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to provide customized offerings and consultancy to clients and agencies.

It is targeting to become one of the top 5 players in this space by 2022.

MoMAGIC, today has a significant reach in South Asian market, serving quite many prestigious brands such as Uber, Opera, PhonePe, UC, Sharechat, MakeMyTrip, Swiggy; along with local brands, for driving their Mobile Marketing campaigns including for advertisers/agencies.

MoMAGIC, now determines to transform itself to be a “Big Data & AI-based Company” and to align this transformation, MoMAGIC established an APAC R&D and Business Operation Center in Taipei City of Taiwan in Feb 2018, responsible for Big Data and AI solution development; also to initiate APAC business to support MoMAGIC Group’s global strategic expansion. This is another critical leap for MoMAGIC, to be a truly global company in the Internet and Ad Tech space.

MoMAGIC’s, branding revamp is driven with the objective to echo this new milestone along with the website and email, transited from “.in” to “.com”.

MoMAGIC has unveiled a new logo for this future vision.

The new branding and logo element consists of two colors, Deep and Light Blue for “Mo” and “MAGIC” respectively. According to the company, the deep blue on “Mo” represents a wise and rational thinking along with the light blue on “MAGIC”, referring to an agile and intelligent thinking and action, creatingthe unlimited possibilities on the technology innovation end. By the integration of wise, rational and agile thinking and action, we believe more “Mo” “MAGIC”of Technologies will be unveiled by the company’sBig Data and AI technology work. Since “AI” is the core theme, MoMAGIC emphasizes the alphabets of “A” and “I” in it’s branding: MoMAGIC, with a flowing font embellished by the dynamic points.MoMAGIC delivers the core-branding concept, with the tagline: “Data-driven Intelligence”, leveraging its huge data insights developed over a period of close to 8 years into operations. The “data-driven” approach is aimed to offer intelligence capability,for a far more strategic output for its clients and to make MoMAGIC’s strategic intent towards AI technology development, well communicated.


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