SleepyCat, Sleep comfortably in Budget: Mr. Kabir Siddiq, CEO – Video Interview

We are living in a digital world which seems very comfortable but there is an old phrase “Distant drums sound well”.  Approx. 8 to 9 hours keep working on the computer and then commute long hours between traffic doesn’t sound nice at all. And the city dwellers understand this precisely. Working for long hours sitting in the same posture and then again driving car or standing in a metro, is a real life of urban people. In such a scenario, we only get a few hours night to make our body relax and feel comfortable and that’s why we should also take care of our bed where we are going to spend average 1,53,300 hours of our life. So, to enhance the sleeping lifestyle of Indian people, Mr Kabir Siddiq has started SleepyCat which is India’s first box mattress company.

Kabir Siddiq Sleepycat interview
Mr Kabir Siddiq is Founder & CEO of ‘SleepyCat’

Mr Kabir Siddiq is Founder & CEO of ‘SleepyCat’, India’s only box mattress company. A graduate from the Indiana University, USA, with a double major in Economics and Telecommunications, Kabir started his career in Investment Banking in Mumbai. However, after 5 years, he was drawn towards entrepreneurship and he joined his family business which was related to the furniture industry, mainly large projects hotel and office furniture. Kabir started ‘SleepyCat’ in the year 2017, with a vision to reduce the hassles of buying a mattress.

What is a Box Mattress?

Box mattresses use advanced technology to easily roll-back the mattress into a box that is one-third of its normal size. SleepyCat box mattress comes compressed, rolled, and shipped straight to your door in a box to make it easy to handle and transit. The concept first originated in widely in America and is seen disrupting the traditional mattress industry all over the world now.

Kabir believed that the process of buying a mattress today has gotten extremely complicated, with a  lot of facts and fiction confusing the buyer. SleepyCat, thereby, focusses on the four key factors that affect a person’s sleep: comfort, support, temperature and durability, and simplifies the process of mattress buying.

SleepyCat, Sleep comfortably in Budget Mr. Kabor Siddiq, CEO – Video Interview

The SleepyCat mattress is available in all the standard sizes, has 1-inch of gel memory foam and a 5-inch durable high. It also comes with a zipper outer cover to make it is easy to clean. SleepyCat mattresses, which are sold exclusively on Amazon, are available with a 30-day trial period.  The mattress is cost effective compared to other traditional mattress companies, cuts out all the middleman cost involved and the mattress is delivered straight from the factory to your doorstep.

Mr Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO – Video Interview

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