How to Install and Use VigLink on WordPress Using Viglink Plugin

Viglink is another great source to monetize a blog or website that keeps updating regularly. After applying Google Adsense and out which was not working well for me, so, I had removed it from most of the pages. Now I have applied the Viglink in order to generate some extra income. Viglink on WordPress can help you to monetize the links you have placed on your website by converting them into affiliate links that mean affiliate marketing with non-monetize links. The another closest monetization system which is almost same like Viglink is Skimlink you can also try out this if you are not happy with the Viglink.

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How does Viglink work?

In Viglink there is no approval kind of thing and moreover, they do not decline any one request too. Many times you want to get the affiliate marketing of some product and they decline your request due to poor content or low traffic. But in the Viglink you just need to create an account on and in an indirect way you are going get the affiliate links of hundreds of reputed websites and products.

To monetize the blog of a blogger the Viglink works in a very strategic manner. Viglink converts all normal outgoing links present in your article into affiliate links. Means, your non-affiliate link converted into affiliate link and when ever your visitor open that link and if he/she make a purchase, you will earn the referral commission. The best part of the Viglink you don’t need to signup for different affiliate marketing programs instead of that Viglink track and do it for you without any problem.

If you have a blog or website on WordPress and want to apply for Viglink on WordPress then you just need to install a Viglink plugin and follow some simple steps.

Step By Step Guide: How To Add Viglink on WordPress

In this step by step guide first, we will show you – how to setup Vglink account and then how to install Vglink WordPress plugin and then Vglink installation.

How To Create a Viglink Account

Step 1: To create the Viglink account go to and signup to create an account. If you already have created one then move to the add Viglink plugin on WordPress part.
Viglink wordpress setup code

Step 2: After you click on signup another window will open where you just provide your email address and click on SIGNUP. A confirmation email will send to your email ID. Go to your email and verify the account by clicking verification link present in the mail.

Viglink Signup for wordpress ANn blogger

Step 3: After creating the account, log in and click on “save contact info” option. Fill out the details and save it.


Viglink account blogger

Step 4: After submitting the personal information you will see an option called “Add campaign”. In the given screenshot you can see the fields. First of all, add your blog name under general information column. Select your website type “BLOG“. Then select the category in which your blog falls and after that select the software platform that powers your site such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and so on. Our site platform is WordPress so we have selected WordPress in that field. Once you complete click on Add campaign.
Vglink affiliate program campaign


Video: Make Money Online By Installing VigLink Plugin on WordPress


How to install Vglink WordPress plugin?

Step 1: Once you completed the sign-up process. Click on the option called “Manage” given in the top menu. When you click on that a drop menu will appear including three options Install, Settings and Account. Select the Install option.

how to use viglink on wordpress

Step 2: Now copy the VigLink secret API code given in the VigLink code highlighted using the red color in the image. Basically, the API code is used to authenticate the Viglink with your website.  

Now at the right side, you can see the platform options such as Blogger, phpBB, Tumblr, Typepad, vBulletin, and WordPress. So if your website is running on the WordPress, click on the WordPress option from the right side and download the Viglink WordPress plugin (Link). We have also provided the link for VigLink WordPress plugin.

viglink installation

If you don’t want to download the WordPress plugin then you can directly install the Viglink plugin from the WordPress dashboard of your website. Go to -> Plugins->Add new search for Viglink and install the plugin.

Viglink wordpress plugin


How to Setup Vglink on WordPress?

Step 1: After the successful installation of the plugin, select the setting option from the WordPress Dashboard and click on VigLink.

Viglink wordpress plugin add

Step 2: Paste that Viglink secret API code here in the API Key box. You can also use the link “click here” top retrieve the VigLink API key code automatically but sometimes it not work, so it good to copy paste the API key.

Viglink On WordPress Blog

Step 3: After step 4, again go to the Viglink website and click on Manage->Setting. Here you will see three options Reaffiliate Affiliated Links, Links URLs and Optimize Links. By default, the Link URLs option is enabled but you can check other too according to your convenience.

Reaffiliate Affiliated Links

This will override the affiliation on links that are already affiliated according to the Viglink algorithm this means it can change the outgoing of your existing affiliate link.

Links URLs

In this option, Viglink will automatically link the URLs that have not been linked to any affiliate program.

Optimize Links

In this option, the Viglink change the existing retail link so they go to higher earning sites.


Viglink affilate settings


Step 4: Now after some time you will see the reports of page view and click on the dashboard of VigLink. In our case, it starts next day after the installation of Viglink on WordPress.

Viglink Dashboard after setting up it on WordPress


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How To Remove VigLink from WordPress?

If you are not happy with the Viglink on WordPress then you can easily remove it from the WordPress. Just go to the Plugins-> Installed Plugins and deactivate the Viglink and after that delete it. This will automatically remove the Viglink from your WordPress website.

In this way, you can add and remove the Viglink from the WordPress Blog. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment or email us directly. Also, share your experience and about earning through the Viglink affiliate program, so that our reader can get the exact user review of Viglink affiliate program.

8 thoughts on “How to Install and Use VigLink on WordPress Using Viglink Plugin”

  1. This Viglink is a scam! I installed the plugin and it slowed my site down I then deleted the plugin, but all it’s coding is still there and it’s redirecting all my links to it’s affiliate program. Now my host site is going to go in and try to remove the hidden malware. Don’t use this headache!

    • Alison, I feel your pain. Viglink altered my website in many ways….horrible service: slows website, alters website, causes enormous frustrations.

  2. Hi there, I desire to subscribe for this weblog to take newest updates, thus where can i do it
    please help.

  3. Viglink is a scam and website destroyer! I used the plugin as-well-as manually placing the code on my website and, my website had to be recreated. If something sounds to good to be true, follow your discernment, and avoid Viglink. Also, don’t fall for the videos online that make it appear as if Viglink is the best thing since sliced break, because this product destroys websites.

  4. Hi, I just want to insert affiliate links into my blog, which I generate via the merchant site. I do not want to install VigLink on my site via plugin or footer skript. Will the affiliate link work without the installation/ skript? Thank you!

    • Yes, it is possible to add the script you got from VigLink directly in the header section.


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