Airtel launches Wi-Fi calling in more cities. One more step towards better connectivity in homes and workplaces

The days of call drops due to lack of proper connectivity are going to be a thing of the past with service providers adapting to new ways to allow users to make calls. One of them is the Wi-Fi calling feature, which is already in news, as Airtel has already rolled out its Wi-Fi calling service in Delhi and NCR regions. Recently, the Airtel Wi-Fi calling service has also been introduced in other major metropolitans that include Kolkata, Mumbai, and parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. With Wi-Fi calling functionality, call quality will be much better, and call drops will be minimized as it will use Wi-Fi networks instead of cellular networks, which has poor connectivity within buildings.

People living on the ground floors of apartments often face troubles getting a cellular signal, and Wi-Fi calling feature can be a big relief for such users, or simply those users, who struggle to get a cellular network signal. As per Airtel, a very little amount of data will be consumed for this service, and the user will not have to pay any extra for availing feature. As of now, Wi-Fi calling is available only for Airtel Xstream Fiber home broadband users, however, in the future, the service will be available for all Wi-Fi users, as per the telecom service provider. However, you will have to enable Wi-Fi calling on your supported handset, if it is not already enabled.

As of now, Wi-Fi calling is supported on a plethora of handsets by OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple. Airtel is also working to make this feature available on handsets from other popular brands, and we can see the Wi-Fi calling feature on our existing handsets, once the manufacturers and Airtel see eye to eye. As per Airtel, Wi-Fi calling will offer the best performance, if VoLTE is also enabled on the handset at the same time. Once Wi-Fi calling functionality is rolled out PAN India, it is really going to make the customer experience much better. I am just waiting till the day when all other major carriers will offer Wi-Fi calling as that is going to be a real convincing factor for users, who suffer from frequent call drops due to improper cellular connectivity.

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