Apple upgrades iOS 11.4 security including USB restricted mode

GrayKey, developed by start-up Grayshift that allows the iPhone to be safely cracked under any system version; might be under the Apple security claws.

GrayKey restricted

For the existence of this bug, Apple is also trying its best to block it in the iOS system. In the upcoming release of iOS 11.4, a new security model will appear.

In an announcement, Apple said that in order to increase iOS system security, they have increased the USB restriction mode. This can invalidate the crack tools such as GrayKey. Its working principle is mainly that devices that have not been unlocked for a long time cannot be used anywhere. access.

After summarizing the working principle, basically, when your device is placed, it is not unlocked within 7 days. At this moment, the Lightning interface can only be used to charge, and when it is not unlocked, the iPhone cannot be synchronized through iTunes.

Source: Techspot