Apple Wins Patent for Round dial Interface for Apple Watch

Apple Watch has grown to three generations, and Apple should also make a big change to this product, so you look forward to what kind of breakthrough appearance, what is the round dial?

Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple a patent for an electronic device equipped with a curved display. This patent describes a method of producing a display screen that is different from the rectangular display commonly found in mobile devices.

New patents indicate that Apple Watch intends to use a round dial

What does this Apple Watch with Circular Interface patent mean?

Apple does consider round dials on the Apple Watch, and the plans have also been shaped. It is also noted in the patent that circular displays can be produced by reducing pixel counts and using irregular pixel rows and columns.

 Apple Watch with Circular Interface patent

It is reported that the folded pixel columns can be distributed in the two halves of the circular display screen, and the distribution of the pixel rows is similar to that of the columns, which constitutes a more efficient display screen.

Apple Watch design round