Astrum Launches KW300 round shaped keycaps Keyboard

The Astrum recently announced a Bluetooth wireless KW300 keyboard that uses a round shaped keycaps keyboard in India at the price of Rs. 2199/- or around USD 33$.

According to the company they have customized the regular PC keyboard with round retro keycaps for more comfortable typing and adjustable angle. It is Wireless keyboard and features auto power saving and NANO receiver to work.

As company mentioned in the press not they launched for the Wireless Deskset KW300, they have summarised that it is a high-performance keyboard with an elite performance mouse, and a Nano wireless receiver; offering you the ultimate on-the-go comfort.

Astrum KW300 wireless keyboard

They also mentioned the retro keycaps allow your fingertips to fall perfectly on the right keys and reduce the chances hit wrong keys while fats typing and all this due to the correct spacing frame. The KW300 Keyboard integrated with 13 Multimedia Keys to adjust the controls.

As wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, it needs a battery to run but with an Auto Power saving feature it go in sleep mode when not in use.  With the sturdy and heavy-duty build, this keyboard has a very urbane appeal that not just provides comfort to your fingers but also to your palms. The adjustable angle to the hind end enables you to lift the frame or to keep it flat according to your ease.

The KW300 keyboard can work up to 10 meters over the Bluetooth to enjoy the seamless experience of the 360-degree working of up to 10 meters. The Nano wireless receiver offers cable-free-comfort with 2.4 GHz frequency range, just needs to be connected to the USB port of the processing unit and you are on-the-go to enjoy your work. Lightweight i.e. weighing just 710g and comfortable, you can carry it anywhere conveniently.


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