BlackBerry new encryption technology can prevent hacking by quantum computer

As the terminal business becomes bleaker after the corresponding business is transferred to TCL for operation, the BlackBerry has faded out of the public eye, and the focus is also on refocusing on corporate security. After all, this is their old business.

Now BlackBerry has released a new type of encryption technology and claims to be the strongest encryption technology available today, even quantum computers with superb computing power can’t be cracked.

To be precise, the encryption technology that BlackBerry just announced is a “quantumresistant” digital signature that adds this technology to his encryption tools technology to address healthcare, transportation, astrophysics, government, and many other areas.

Blackberry quantum-resistant

Traditional processors are only allowed to use binary state 1 or 0 for calculations, and a gate is opened or closed. However, quantum computing is not limited to these two states, but to the atomic structure that can exist in multiple states at the same time. The latest encryption technology of BlackBerry has fundamentally eliminated the operation law of quantum technology, and it cooperates with ISARA. The latter will provide an encryption library.

BlackBerry said the new quantum-resistant digital signature will open to the public in November. Its goal is to target products and services such as industrial control systems, aerospace and military electronics, telecommunications, transportation infrastructure, and connected cars.